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Sold 5” rocket, 75mm hole, head end dual deploy


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Jan 21, 2009
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Franklin, WI
5” rocket, 75mm hole, head end dual deploy, flown many times, very solid flier. I scratch built this bird with Composite Warehouse parts with a 75mm hole. Fins are 3/16” G-10 cut and beveled myself. Comes with Kevlar recovery cord, Aeropak 75 retainer, (1) RRC2+ and (2) RRC2L altimeters on sled INCLUDED in asking price. What you see in the photos is what you get, asking $300.00 cash and carry. Can deliver to Bong tomorrow June 10th (TWA), the following weekend on the 16th (WOOSH), or LDRS. I can also accept PayPal Friends/family. The person(s) who get priority here is an interested party that also follows through with prompt payment.

If interested please start a conversation or reach out via email, hprjf AT aol DOT com

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