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Wow. Thanks.

Luigi Vercotti-"this is a nice forum you have here....be a shame if somthin happened to it...."
thanks tMan i have always been a big fan :)
When I was much younger I didn't care to search for the Grail.
Now, Castle Anthrax on the other hand..........:D
'now I know some 'ospitals where you get paitents lying around in bed..:rolleyes: sleepin, restin, re-kooperatin', con-valessin.. well that's not the way we do things here, right??"
My bad I mis-read the article

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
and now for something completely different..........................
The BBC was founded in 1922 and broadcast TV from 1926, funded by a compulsory licence fee on all owners of TV sets, which continues to this day. That was it, apart from a wartime TV shutdown, until 1956 when ITV (Independent television) was allowed, supported by advertising. BBC 2 started in 1964, when the original channel naturally had to be called BBC 1. We got our fourth, and second advertising-funded, channel in 1982, Channel 4, and Channel 5 in 1997. BBC 3 and 4 are newish digital channels.
I had seen Circus at home in Davenport---the local PBS station had just started broadcasting it the summer before I went to college. I got hooked quickly (there was nothing else like it on TV, and it was hilarious!) and when I got to college I quickly had everyone in Fulmer House watching it too.

We all "silly walked" to the dining hall one night, and after we had crossed the commons area between dorms we looked back to see that one of the girls' houses was "silly walking" right behind us. Good times.
"She makes blancmanges that size?"

"Oh yes. You see, we're from the planet Skyron and they're all that size there. We tried to tell you earlier, but you just panned off us!"

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