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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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So I went to Michael's to use the coupon. I wanted to pick up the Estes Big Daddy kit, which, at least around these parts, Michael's carries and Hobby Lobby doesn't (so I can't get it for 50% off when that rolls around.)

Anyway, the Big Daddy's hanging there on a hook with a price of $25.99 - which is a bit high, but with the 40% off it's still a deal.

So I go to check out. When the lady scans it, it rings up for $12.00 even. Then she gives me the 40% off, so I get my new Big Daddy for $7.20 + tax. Nice!

I immediately thought this was an error, and the lady suggested that all the rockets might be on sale. So I go back to the aisle and grab a few others, including a Stormcaster, Merc Redstone, and MeteorMasher. But when I got up to the counter, all of those were the same price listed on their hook.


Too bad they only had one Big Daddy in the first place. I would have bought the other, even without the 40% off ($12!!!!!!)

I was just really suprised I got such a good deal.

Now to work out a cluster mount for the thing......
Fore Check:

Every year, Michaels has a 1/2 price sale on the rockets that they will NOT be carrying next year. They accept the 40% off coupon on these as well. This also include motors if they have them.

This is THE time of year for this sale, and I have been scoping out my local Michaels every week to see if the prices are posted on the hangers, but not yet. I will try again today.

Looks like the sale is/will be offiically starting very very soon!!
I just picked up a Big Daddy at Michaels for the grand sum of $12+tax! WOOOHOOO!

Ahh....dreams of a 29mm mount....F25's and G40's....drooool! :D :D :D

This'll be my third Big Daddy...:rolleyes:

I bought all of the Big Daddy's that our Michaels had in stock (3). They wouldn't let me use the 40% off.

John (not Jon) Arthur

In my latest order from BMS, I got a couple of lite ply rings to center a BT70 inside the Big Daddy tube. When I build it, this will make a nice clean motor can for an interchangeable mount while still maintaining TTW fins.

My first intent was to go with the BT70 insert and then permanently fix a 2 x 24mm "E" engine cluster mount in there. RockSim predicts 1410' altitude with 1 oz. of nose weight added (for a stability caliber of 0.66, which should be fine according to the Galejs paper.)

Then I thought: If I'm gonna have that tube and motor can in there anyway, why *not* go for an interchangeable motor mount? It won't be much troube at all, I don't think.

The current plan is to go with 2 x 24mm "E" mount, 1 x 24 mm "E" mount, and 2 x 29mm. The beauty is that I can build larger HPR mounts later limited only by the ID of the BT70 insert (if I ever get into using HPR motors, that is.)
Teheheeeee... Should I use my coupon for the flight pak of motors or the Big Daddy? That is the question...:D :)

My mom says she will take me tommorow....:)

If you were me, which would you buy?:D :confused:
First, I'd buy *both* the Big Daddy and the flight pack.

But make sure you use the coupon on the flight pack.

The coupon will save you about $4.80 on the Big Daddy, but about $20 on the flight pack.
Well, actually, I have information that the Big Daddys are half-off already at the Michaels near me, so I guess I WILL get the flight pack and the bid daddy... Itll blow most of my cash, but I need motors BAD...:(

And I also want a bid daddy...:D
some time a little while ago there was a 50% off coupon in the paper for our Michaels, as well as the 40% off one... it was only good for a few hours but we were already planning on going there during that time!! i picked up a flight pack (saved me almost 25$) nd then a pack of B6-2s (i think...) any way now i have enough motors to last a while. they had the Big dadys, and a few merc reds, for like half off, but i needed the motors... even with the coupons i had to pay my mom back like 5$, finally paid her back for those, then went and blew some more $$ on quick links... right now i owe my dad like two bucks.... rocketry can sure kill ya, even if you play it cheap!!
I just bought a Flight Pack. $30.:cool:

we likes them 40% off coupons, my precious....:D ;)
Gotta love those coupons. But one time, I got 4 packs of D12-5's at $2.00 each and that was without a coupon. Oh yeah, a friend of mine also got a Big Daddy for $12.00.

Too bad that they don't sell Aerotech motors or Estes E9 motors at discount prices:mad:
OK, so I wasn't using the 40% off coupon -

but you've *got* to love the clearance aisle at Michael's.

They didn't have a 40% off coupon this week.

But I was in town near a Michaels's on a rare occasion.

So I cruised by the clearance aisle.

There they were: 4 Big Daddy's at $12 and 4 Alpha III "Value Sets" at the same price.

So I get one of each.

Big Dady - yeah, we all know what that is.

The Alpha III "Value Set"? I've never heard of it.

But here's what's in it.

An Alpha III rocket (obviously.)

A porta pad. With launch rod, deflector plate, and electron beam controller (always nice to have spares of those things!!!!!!!!!!)

A *bonus* rocket kit. In this case, I got the "bandit.*

Five B6-4 engines.

So, I figure for that one, I got 2 rockets, 5 engines, a launch rod, spare pad, spare controller for a *very* rainy day, and a field box for $12.

Thanks, Michaels!
Micahael's is becoming my favorite store. My local Michael's lets you use the 40% off coupons on clearance stuff, and you can make repeat trips with additional coupons and they do not seem to care. I started off rocketry by getting the Alpha III Value Pack for $7.20 after 40% off. Then I got a Big Daddy for $7.20 after 40% off, went back to the store and got three D12-5 engines for $6.60 after 40% off. Yesterday I picked up a Stormcaster for $7.20, then went back and got a Wizard for $4, both prices after 40% off coupons.

Michael's did have one Flight Pack of engines left, I am kicking myself in the butt for not buy that too. Unfortunately I had just purchased two packs of engines at Wal Mart and my wife was not to keen on me buying another box of engines, even if it was cheap :p
hehe... If you buy the big box o motors, its cheaper than the wall mart price of $4 a pack!:cool:

Whatever ya do, dont buy the last Gemini DC! I want to use the 40% off coupon on that...:D

Where was the coupon in this weeks paper? I couldent find it...:(
The coupon is on the third to last page of the A section of this week's Portland Sunday paper.

Oddly enough, I almost did buy the Gemini DC while I was there. I got the Stormcaster so I had something to fly on my D engines in case I totalled the Big Daddy :D

If the Flight Pack did not come with C6-3 engines, I would have tried to do a bit more convincing with the wife :p
.......it's not fair.....lol...none of the local michaels stores carry rockets and motors..but I still use the coupons for dull-cote and other supplys
YEHAA!!!!! I found it!

Its miiineee.... My precious... I found it, it came to ME! Its mine.... My preciouuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

Now I just gotta find a way to get to Michaels....:rolleyes:

A question on the Big Daddies... Are they at the place where the styrafoam gliders are? I couldent find em last time...

Just to make sure we are talking about the same place... Is this the one near Pet Quarters, the Christmas Tree Shop ETC?

So its directly oposite the front doors, all the way back?

I cant wait....:D
Originally posted by Neil
YEHAA!!!!! I found it!

A question on the Big Daddies... Are they at the place where the styrafoam gliders are? I couldent find em last time...

Ask where the clearance aisles are. There's all sort of neat stuff on them. :)
Yep, the building attached to The Christmas Tree shop and next to Circuit City. The Big Daddy kits were in the same area as the styrofoam gliders near the back of the store. Someone bought them all though, there was no rocket stuff at all on clearence yesterday.
That would explain why I couldent find any last time I was there:(

Ill try to get over there tomorrow to use the coupon on a Gemini DC. Did you notice if there was one in stock when you were there?:D :D

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