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4" Translucent Nosecone aka 4" BSD Nose Cone

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Jan 20, 2009
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I'm looking for a 4" nose cone that use to come in BSD kits when Scott owned the business. I will buy outright or can trade for a 4" performance rocketry patriot nose cone.

are you talking about the old ACE nosecones ?

screw on base cap ?

I might have a spare, or try Ken at Performance Hobbies, last I knew he staill had a few kicking about .

while on the subject of Binder - anyone know where I can get a set of decals for my original THOR ?
I can find no contact info online or anything - rebuilding a bashed up one from ages back, and would like to go for the factory fresh look. :)

~ AL Swackhammer

Tripoli 090
NAR 34644
I don't know where Scott got the nosecones for BSD, but when I owned BSD I got the nosecones from Public Enemy Rockets for 3 and 4 inch kits. Only the 3 inch was anywhere near translucent.

Wolfstar may know more.
RWW is the company that makes them.
I believe Binder uses the same company, but you should check.
Not all nose cones are created equal, not even from the same company.

Hmmm, somehow I know why you needs one, hahahahaha
I only have (2) left and really don't want to part with them for the Same reason you now need them.:neener:

You may also try Hawk Mountain, I seen their FG NC's, (NO gel coat and see thru a bit).

NC's that don't work for Lighting:mad:
Public Enemy
Mad Cow