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Jan 20, 2009
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I'm sorry but I couln't hold myself from sharing my latest sexual fantasy :D ...

Here she is in her first overall trial fit...
She is 4" in diameter, about 106" long w/ 76mm MMT.

That's a Sandman's cone up front... the longest he has ever done FOR A CUSTOMER :rolleyes: !!! It's an exact upscale of a LOC PNC-3.00 (dunno why they make the PNC-3.90 shorter than it should be... it would have looked horrible).

Not a good shot from behind... just to show how nasty the business end is...
And last angled view from the nose down... hope she won't get embarassed...
Very cool!! I've always like the design of the Talon.

Looking forward to finished pictures!
And an another beauty... Very nice !

If I were you, I would fly it at ALRS 5 on an M1315W !! :rolleyes: :D
Has anyone ever watched any of "The Great Biker Build-Off" shows on Discovery Channel? I'd like to propose a Great Rocket Build-Off between Mr Boxwood & Mr Tulanko. But I digress...

AMAZING WORK *again* Giacomo :D Can't wait to see the pics of your progress!
Cool. :D My dad and I are building a 54 mm Talon 3, and I thought THAT was cool...:D Looks awesome... That cone looks great too, nice job sandman! I might just have to get one of those.....:)

VERY cool

Justin Horne
(I just ordered myself a nice digital camera to be able to post build and launch pics. Whoo hoo! :D) PLus m mom is due to have a baby and all, so i figured getting those pics would be a bonus and all.... ) :kill:
Originally posted by Marxi
If I were you, I would fly it at ALRS 5 on an M1315W !! :rolleyes: :D

She will hopefully fly during ALRS V BUT not on an M :D !!!

I'm not planning on motor availability anymore... Since she shouldn't weight more than 7-8 kilos I will be able to lift her with anything above the J415W (included)...

Thanks guys for all the cheers, I really enjoy sharing on TRF as I did with my last projects !!! I'll keep posting pictures since she will be probably finished by the week.
Here is my Talon under construction. It is 3" and was kited by Scott Glass about 6 years ago.

I have it set up for a 38mm and will fly on a J350.

I hope to fly it this weekend if I can finish it up.
That's awesome ! Good job ! I witnessed a J350 launch of a Hawk Mountain Talon 3 and it rocks !!! Enjoy it and post pictures !
Originally posted by Loopy
*blush* She's naked!!!

Oh men, it took a great deal of patience and muscle power to cover her in uderwear :eek: ... I never sanded that much :( . But it's over :D !!!
Hey, did you cover those fins with carbon?

I wish I did since this weekend the main did not pop on the initial flight and I suffered some damage. I will post pic later.

very cool, man, your internal fillets look better than my external fillets ;)
Originally posted by lovs3fly
Hey, did you cover those fins with carbon?

Yes Dennis, it is something I started to do on my L2 Big Nuke


and that I *perfected* with this bird. I love to let the composites deal with stresses so I use lightened birch ply (3mm in this case) to simply frame and shape the fin. It's incredible how stiff the fin turns out to be after the treatment. I wanted the carbon to show through the final paint somehow but lost my patience and kept my promise to finish a rocket in a cold color (meaning it won't get hot in the sun).
Originally posted by Ryan S.
very cool, man, your internal fillets look better than my external fillets ;)

This time I tacked the fins in place, filleted them, sanded the fillets smooth and only THEN installed the centering rings :D ...
Looks like I will need to start doing the carbon fiber to my fins in the future. I'm pretty experienced with the material as well as glassing but mostly on my RC planes. I will need to start with the rockets. I know it would have taken the hit on my talon this past weekend.
If you're used to glass planes surely no problem to switching to rockets. It depends on what you've been doing so far (glassing the wing center section, glassing an entire airframe with 3/4-1/2 oz for finishing purposes...) but I don't see that much difference. Maybe the cloth weight is heavier but shapes are definetely easier to work with.

One last thing: why do you think the carbon or whatever else fin reinforcement would have helped with your Talon? Did the fins crack or break off the airframe upon impact? Aren't they G10?
The problem with my Talon's fins has to do with the fact that she came down with drogue only. Knocked one fin lose but repairable. Had some other damage to a tube. Still, I thought it was pretty tough to hold up this well.
I'm used to making parts and glassing 1/4 scale planes and jets.

I'm thinking about making my own carbon tubes. Have you tired this yet?

I didn't realize That is what I made that nose cone for.

Nobody tells me anything!:(

I made that a LONG time ago too.

That does look beautiful!

Originally posted by lovs3fly
I'm thinking about making my own carbon tubes. Have you tired this yet?

Not yet, but I'm thinking about it too. Especially since Aerosleeves products have been released.


Also J. Coker gave a *nice* example on how to build (and destroy :confused:) your own composite tubes (scroll down to the construction part of the page).

Originally posted by sandman
I didn't realize That is what I made that nose cone for.

Me neither at the time :D !!! It wasn't so far in the past anyway (last autumn... yeah, almost a year now :( ). Anyway the cone is great, it really looks nicer even after the first paint coats. Thanks !
those fillets look really good
does carbon add much weight? you could just put a bigger motor in it:)
Originally posted by gerbs4me
does carbon add much weight?

I haven't weight data at hand but consider that the fins were very light before the treatment, something like 4 oz. each and they're HUGE. With a 3x36" I'll have quite a big motor choice :D .
Gentlemen I'm back! I've been *distracted* from the hobby in the last months but... I'm addicted to it!

I'm completing the Talon for the national launch in mid july (very very hopefully). I have a question. I left ample room in the e-bay in order to be able to stuff whatever I wanted... I'm going to include:
- 2 accel altimeters;
- their 4 9V batteries;
- a 2.4 GHz Video TX;
- 2 12V battery packs (one for the TX and one for the Camera).

Being a 4" bird, the e-bay itself is longer than wider, so I'll have to arrange everything *in line*: is there a rule when mounting those apparatus on the electronics bed in respect to the direction of flight ? I'm asking if is it better to mount batteries and/or heavier objects further aft or fore and the reason why.

I've been searching for answers and I found opposite ones; I saw this picture (bottom of page) that shows the 4 batteries are mounted aft...


Thank you!