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4"Smiley (nevermind)

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Dec 16, 2013
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Getting ready to lay paint to my 4" Tembo...finally;and I'm thinking I want a smiley of some sort. Then I can decide on color and stuff. I want to try to cut it on my CriCut out of vinyl or stencil material so I can airbrush it.
What I am looking for is the nose art itself that I can cut. I can download the graphics but can't get the mouth to come out right. Something along the lines of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Can someone modify a graphic of said Jack so I could cut it at home? I can trade your time for something if need be.

I'll head to Stickershock if need be, just wanted to try it myself first.

Something like :

Thanks for looking.

Mikey D
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Ehh, not too bad. Looks a bit like the Spy vs Spy guys. May have to rethink this.

Tembo jack.jpg

That appears to be a nice wet on dry with paper towel lifting watercolor. Maybe some dry on dry for the mouth. Is it?
Man I found that picture googling jack skellington. I thought it would make a nice smiley. It didn't look too cool once I had it in OR. So I went back to the one used in my second post, which looks too much like Spy vs Spy or Venom. I'll come up with something else. Just had to play with it in Photoshop a bit.