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4" Polecat Aerospace Kits!

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Apr 6, 2015
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Selling two Polecat Kits (un-built, of course):

4" Nike Smoke
4" Chaos (VERY RARE OOP - can't even find a picture of completed Chaos....)IMG_2833.jpgIMG_2831.jpgIMG_2829.jpg

Asking $75 each, or $125 for both.
Nope. No luck when even searching with the correct spelling :blush:
I guess we'll all be in suspenders until I open the box and mock it up.
Looked at every product page for the old Polecat on the Wayback Machine--no Chaos there.
Maybe they just threw a bunch of parts in a box and called it "chaos". Adrian is going to have to build a rocket with three nosecones and one fin.
You will. Bryan is a good guy from Southern California. He likely bought these from Andy Woerner when he was Polecat / Whatsuphobbies, something like 10 years ago or so.

Hey Bill. No worries, I'm sure he's having Sunday fun That's when I bought my 10" Nike, right at the transition from Andy to Jack. I just don't remember the Chaos kit? Curious what it looks like too. I'm sure it's cool like all the others? I will exercise patience so it will build character :)
Well, it's definitely not a fin shape I have in the fleet currently, so... No disappointment here. :handshake: :clap: