4" LOC Fantom Build

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Jan 28, 2009
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Just started my LOC Fantom about a week ago. I have two of three fins attached as well as the motor mount. I will post photos soon on progress of the build. Feel free to comment for it will soon be my lvl one rocket after some flights on F's and G's.

Sorry for the delay, been a busy past couple of days. Anyway, here are some pics of my progress.

As I had mentioned only two of three fins are in as of yet hoping to get the third one in this weekend. The second picture is of the fillet. It is a little hard to see because it dried clear but its there. I am using Loctite 5 min epoxy for this build.

Instead of just friction fitting the engines in I made my own motor retention system. A quick run to the hardware store and it was done.

Hope to launch it at one of the CMASS launches this season :)


centering ring.JPG


motor retention.JPG
A bit late to change now, but it appears that you attached the fins one at a time. Why?

Typically you should "tack" all fins in place before you start the fillets. Then you can apply pairs of internal and external fillets simultaneously. And looking at the second photo it doesn't look like you have any internal fillets.
No i havent done any of the internal fillets yet. I didn't even think of tacking them in before putting the epoxy on. That would have made it alot easier haha. Still honing my skills. Thanks for the advice