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Jan 18, 2009
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I would LOVE to see any and all your Amramm pics this Rocket has me soooo iching to get one
Just show up at the April launch and I will let you HOLD mine!!
Meanwhile have the Mrs keep your meds current!!!
I dont know if the wife will let me me hold yours LOL:D but ill hol the rocket LMAO
Hey Bowhunter!
Just scored an Estes "disconued" amraam from North Central Hobbies up in Overland!! Got such a good deal on the kit and another RTF model, I felt compelled to grab a pac of D12-7s
at full price.....about 11 bucks..........
How much would you be willing to pay me to let you build it for me?? !!! Dr Don
OK, Bowhunter, I got to feeling sorry for you since you weren't getting any pictures posted here, so I went back and dug up a few of mine. This first one is a picture of the daughter unit posing with my AMRAAM 4 and my unpainted scratch built Antares, which was designed for use with Hypertek motors.
Here is another pic of Lea with the AMRAAM 4 and the painted Antares.
Here is a pic of Lea with my AMRAAM 4 and also my AMRAAM 3.

Hope you have enjoyed these pics.