4-24mm Executioner

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Jan 18, 2009
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Well Ive kept this on the back burner to long I just had to paint it I gave it a different look if weather permits Ill send it on its maiden voyage July 11
Could someone sim this for me with D-12 E-9 oh oh oh G-37's
I had to make some assumptions

6" MMT
.125" Loc 4x24 CR .75 from either end (plywood)
I added a motor block in each tube.


D12-5 ~ 1035'
E9-6 ~ 1752'
F32-10 ~ 2884'
G55-10 ~ 3212'

Sorry, did not have an eng file for a G-37.

Thanks hosp. I cant wait to see it fly and ill make sure i get pics

Be sure to either replace, or carfully check, the Estes chute on that rocket.

Lost my first one on a D12 to a new, premade Estes chute, that came apart at ejection.

Ejection was at apogee, chute just lost 2 lines which were poorly attached.

Have heard others had the same problem.

Beautiful looking rocket, by the way.
If i get a estes kit I give my wife the chute (or I throw them away) I dont use them unless I have to
More questions-

(BTW- love the launch shot- looks like a high power WL launch from a ways away!)

I'm considering doing this sort of mod....

What centering rings did you use? Does it still "blow it's nose" or did you break it in the middle? What about the expected shift of the CG rearward- how much nose weight?

Also..... how much room is there between the motor mount tubes and how long are they?

Thankee thankee! :)

I did not use any nose weight and i was suprized how it maintaianed its cg btw i was 100ft back from it so I could get a good pic of it and it was fired on 4-D12's and it blew the nose I just used some cr's i had laying around I made them long enough to take an E-9 I left alot of room in the BT because of all 4 motors ejection charge so it wouldnt blow out the side
Here's one lifting off with 3 D12-7s about 4 weeks ago. It has flown well twice in that configuration. Then, a couple of weeks ago, it flew great with 3 E9-8s. The only reason we could see it at peak altitude was the smoke and then the big black chute.

Sorry, but it's a bit dark against the trees. You can only see 2 flames, but the third motor is firing.

I did have to put quite a bit of weight in the nosecone. Maybe I was just being too conservative.

Here's the same Executioner (a little more detail) just before its first launch on D12-7s in April or May.