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Mar 2, 2004
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I did my first l2 launch last weekend on my custom built 3x scrambler that I started building last february. It's 70" tall, 6" diameter and 15.6 pounds at the pad. It's been done for about 7 months now and have been to several launches with hopes of it going up, but the weather never coorperated with me. Finally last weekend I loaded up a J380 and crossed my fingers. This was the first time I used dual deploy and I was impressed. Great lift off and a straight flight to 2071 feet. Seperation at apogee and a free fall to 500 feet when the main deployed. landing was a little harder than I would have liked, but retrieved without a scratch. I'm planning on a K launch next month. I ended up launching it just about sunset and none of the pictures came out. (Sorry guys) I'll make sure to post some on the "K" launch.
Holw cow! 3x upscales!! Congrats on the L2, carn't wait for the K pictures! What are the multi-coloured things in the payload?
I finished the rocket in April ad was going to fly it around Easter. So I put some colored plastic easter eggs in it. I liked the look and having everyone ask if they would eject in the air, so I left them in.
Yes I did. It looks great. I'll bring my digital home this weekend and post some finished pics for you Monday. Thanks again Sandman for the great work on the nosecone and transition. I recommend you to everyone I talk to at the launches.
Here are some pictures of the 3X Scrambler in full paint. I put my Lil Nuke next to it to give you an idea of the size.
LOL!!! That is friggin' HUGE!:eek:

I only got to see the payload section!

Way cool!

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