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Jul 11, 2021
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I printed an X-15 that I plan on launching with a A10-3T engine. The model as it is weighs 2.1 Oz. By the time it gets a BT-5 engine tube, mount rings, engine and chute it'll probably be close to 3 Oz.
I can easily install a BT-5 tube in the body as is. If I went up to a BT-50 I'd have to scale it up a bit. I think I'll extend the BT-5 tube up to the half way point of the fuselage and install a mount ring there. This will decrease the volume of the payload section where the parachute will be thus making it easier to eject with a tiny A engine.
This should be a simple build but the real challenge is going to be stability. I won't know the final weight until I get it all built with engine installed and see how it balances out. If this can be made to fly stable, I'll scale it up to accommodate a BT-50 tube and fly with a B or C engine. If that works, I'll go even big enough for a D. 😎
I welcome any and all feedback and experiences with X-15 models (scale or not) that have been built and flown.

The 3D print files are here: