38mm kit opion need for dual deployment

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Apr 28, 2004
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Does anybody have any kits that they like for 38mm motors that would be goodfor dual deployment ? I just got done with another scratch build and I am looking for a good kit that can fly on 38mm motors.


i think a couple PML kits have dual deploy options...i know that hawk mountain(composite rockets) has those options, but those rockets are 160+ dollars. the 54mm one can fly on an F50. lol. and its 54mm. imagine that sucker on a K. theres another company named shadow composites, they have a rocket named "shock" which also has a dual deploy option, this rocket has broken mach 2.5. and its QUITE over priced at 600 dollars. im not sure of any other kits that have that option from the company, but i think if you go to PML and look at the extreme altitude models, they'll have the dual deploy option. im new to HPR, so others could probably help you better. :D
Hi !

Go for a BSD Horizon 54 !

It flies great and straight on a bunch of 38mm Motors!
It´s also very easy to build and modify for Dual Deployment:

Mine flew 3 times so far - all were successful:
First flight (and my first reload ;-)) was on an I195J (38/600), second flight was on a I300T (38/480) and the third flight was on an I218 Redline (38/360) to exactly 501m and a perfect DD.

Looks like, my next motor has to be in the 38/240 Casing.. *lol*

Pictures and reviews can be found at:

- https://www.raketenmodellbau.org/showthread.php?threadid=3704
- https://rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10756

- https://www.rocketreviews.com/reviews/kits/bsd_horizon4.html

There's probably a couple dozen people at least on TRF (myself included) that have the BSD Thor (4" version). It's 98% ready for dual deployment. Fantastic rocket too, if I say so myself ;)

Check out the Public Enemy Performer too:

https://www.yardsale1.com/Public_Enemy_Rockets/Rocket Kits/Performer.htm

They have a versions that are both 3" & 4" diameter plus they come in single or dual deploy ready. Little cheaper than the Thor.

Jeff, did the DD instructions for the Thunderbolt38 make sense? If you want some pics of the setup to go with the instructions I sent you, email me offline with a postal address, and I'll ship you a cdrom.

Originally posted by lalligood
There's probably a couple dozen people at least on TRF (myself included) that have the BSD Thor (4" version). It's 98% ready for dual deployment. Fantastic rocket too, if I say so myself ;)

I have the 3" Thor under construction. This is about as DD as you will get - just add a drogue chute and an altimeter. Very good instructions and build quality too.

I also have a LOC Norad Pro-max set up for DD. Not sure about the standard kit as I modded mine from the standard Norad - i.e. its now got a 38mm rather than 29mm mount and is a lot longer. It flys well in DD mode but packing the chutes is fairly tough as there is only a 2" tube for chutes and electronics bay. Very satisfying when it flys though.
With careful planning, you can modify a LOC Vulcanite or Hi-Tech H45 for dual-deployment. You'll definitely need extra parts for that, though.

Of course, if a rocket kit already comes with parts and instructions to build for dual deployment, then that would probably be easier.
I got the Public Enemy 4" Extreme Performer with dual deployment for $74. It has 54mm, but I use a 38mm adapter in it. I have flown it on 6 I's and 3 J's- all 38mm.