38mm AT DMS: OK to launch later?

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Nov 16, 2015
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So I had a 38mm AT DMS that I was ready to launch (delay drilled, BP added) ... and then my rocket failed before it got to the pad. Since then, the rocket's rattled around in the back of the car, sat in a box, moved to another box, sat some more...

Should it be OK for a launch in a couple of weeks? Should I remove & inspect the motor?

Also - I lost the @$!# little washer that goes under the BP charge (though I've heard that you can generally get away without it).
Will a correct-size generic steel washer from the hardware store work?
Should I dump the BP out, put the washer in, and put the BP back?

So many questions :)
Should be fine. The only thing I would do is hold the motor vertically, and tap it a few times so the BP settles down towards the delay grain. I wouldn't worry about the washer thingie.