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38 mm (360ns)reload hardware for sale and more

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Jan 20, 2009
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Rocket Items for sale:
I have in mint condition the hardbound book of Peter Always "Rockets of the World" 4th edition for sale. Anyone who is a rocket enthusiast would love to add this to their library. Its in mint condition. Asking price is $30.00 (this covers shipping and insurance, tracking if required.

I have one 38mm reload Hardware that has never been used. It is for the I 161 reload motor types. they Also have Redline motors for this casing now. This includes the forward and Aft closure. The color of it is Blue. The price I am asking for this item is $90.00

I also have the following items:

Three 29 mm RMS cases with closures for each one, then I have one extra 29mm case without closures

One 29mm 60ns case and one 29mm 100ns case, with one set of closures.

The 29mm Systems are $60.00 a piece

The 29mm case is: $20.00

The 29mm 100ns case is: $20.00

The 29mm 60ns case with closures is: $50.00

8 sets (2 per bag) of aluminum rail guides. These are intended for the heavier rockets with diameter from 3inches in diameter and up. Asking for $2.50 per set.

8 sets (4 per bag) of plastic rail guides. These are intended for medium weight rockets from 1.8 inches in diameter to 4 inches in diameter. Asking for $2.00 per set.

One unfinished 3 inch diameter rocket that when originally completed would stand 5 feet 8 inches tall. It has a section designed for electronic payloads. It has three fins and an Aero Pack boatail for 38 mm motors. It is made with LOC tubing. Asking price is $70.00

One 38 mm motor tube 10 inches in length asking for $3.00

I also have one long 38 mm tube approximately 30 inches in lenth
asking $10.00 for it

One Aero Pack 38 to 29mm adapter with threaded cap for $20.00

One Areo Pack 54 to 38mm adapter with threaded cap for $25.00

One LOC tubing 54 to 38mm adapter for $6.00

One 29 mm motor tube 12 inches in length for $6.00
Model Rocket Kits

One Apogee Components “SR-72 Darkbird” 13mm Boost Glide kit for $13.00

Competition rocket kit “Hang Time” 13mm Streamer Duration kit for $9.00

Deltie B Boost Glider 18mm motor type using B4-2s for $13.00

Deltie 13mm Boost Glider uses ½ A3-2Ts or A3-4Ts for $8.00

13 mm Parachute Duration “Hang Time” kit for $9.95

Apogee Components “Mass Drive” payload altitude kit. Orginally designed for the 10.5mm motors, but can be modified for 13mm motors. $8.00

Estes Scissor Wing 18mm Boost Glider kit for $20.00

Electronic stuff:

One Dell Mini 9 laptop with Windows XP software in mint condition. It was used for downlaoding altimeter data at the launch fields. It is in perfect condition and has all of the installation softrware. Asking for $200.00

Robbys Rocket Ejection System for $15.00

One Adept Rocketry Deployment Timer for $25.00

One Perfect Flight Microalt 4600 altimeter for $40.00

One Magnetic Chute Deployment Unit for $40.00

Odds and Ends:

A tube of Graphite for Dry lubrication $1.00

¾ inch launch lug for $1.00

Aluminum Quick links for .50 cents a piece

Three LOC Precision Bulkhead Plate Assemblys for 3 inch diameter payload sections for $2.50 a piece

One set of heavy duty rail guides for 12 inch diameter rockets for $10.00

There is not any extra fees for shipping.

PS: Negotiations are possible if you contact me:)
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I may be interested can i get some info on the 38 an 29mm and a price :)