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Jun 2, 2011
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Just thought I'd post a thread about one of my latest projects, a camera that can be placed near a launch pad then controlled via a remote control. It's been inspired by some of the photos I've seen around the web and hopefully I'll be able to get some nice shot from cool angles.

Definate inspiration is some of the photos at https://www.seanet.com/~tsh/FRAMSETS/Rocket_Frameset.html

My set up uses a R/C system that I bought for £40 from a local model shop, different clubs may have different rules (complete ban?) about using R/C equipment on the range so check it out before you use.

It was pretty important to me that the camera could be removed completely and used as a normal camera, that meant no modifications at all. The shutter button is pressed by a bent piece of music wire that is attached to a servo horn, the transmitter controls the servo which pushes down on the button and takes a photo, pretty simple but effective.

The servo, receiver and batteries are mounted in a plastic box which is attached to ply wood support. The screw from the tripod goes through a hole in this and into the tripod socket in the camera...the camera can simply be taken off.

Attached is a composite of some construction photos just so you can see what it looks like. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to test it with some rockets...I may do a test roll of film with MMX motors if I get the chance.
pretty neat. I wonder if you could ditch the R/C system and hook up to the igniter power? that would guarantee the timing of the shots... except for hard to light motors. can your camera shoot a burst of shots? it would be fun to make a flip-book out of the shots.
Yeh I geuss I could but that would mean modifying the camera which I don't want to do and then the rocket owner would have to be willing to let me hook onto their ignitor leads. Also I'd have no control over when the photo was taken. Neat idea though.

The camera I'm using isn't particually good, 35mm Film and Auto-Focus is all there is to it!

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