3 paper models of Juno and Jupiter rockets.

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May 21, 2003
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Hello Group,

There are 3 more paper models of old American rockets
available at :
Look under 'models' .

Small, simple, but accurate models. Please ignore the details
on the nose cone in one of the pictures of the IRBM.

I used the wrong components on my own model. The file
contains the correct ones, though....



That is a FANTASTIC collection of paper rockets!

Thanks for posting the link to your site.

Did you do all of these?

Absolutely incredible work!
That is a FANTASTIC collection of paper rockets!

Did you do all of these?

** Hello Gus. Thanks. And yes, I make all of these models
** myself. The only exceptions are the Mercury capsules.
** Those models were based on an old model, once freely
** distributed. Other than that, I don't post models
** which aren't designed by me.

Absolutely incredible work!
** Look closely and you may find a few mistakes, here and there.
** Perfection is hard to reach, if not impossible....... |-(

** But I will keep on trying. :)



P.S. Soon I will make an airplane available. One that I am
making with another designer. It may well turn out to be
one of my most - if not *the* most beautiful - model I have made,
to this day.
Erik, those models are amazing!! If they're not perfect, they're pretty darn close!

I think you've really hit on your prime audience here - I'm already figuring out how to adapt some of those models to flying model rocket versions and I can't wait to see how they turn out. I think a lot of people are going to have a great time building these models. Keep up the great work, it would be great to see more!! :D