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Oct 28, 2009
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Couldnt pass up a launch oppurtunity late Sunday.....

Piled the whole family into the "urban assualt vehicle" and drove down to
my favorite launch site(undeveloped park next door)... It was dead calm with the sun starting to set in the west...... Perfect!!!

Loaded up Big Daddy on the pad... Man, impressive launch on a D12..
Nice flame at lift off.. Forgot my camera in my haste.. Landed about
10ft from the pad.

Quickly launched our Exoskell on a C11-3... Nice boost but had parachute
separation at ejection.. Good thing the grass was soft.

Next up was a Estes Cluster Bomb converted to D engines. Man, this thing leap off the pad, almost lost it since setting sun was now behind a cloud on the horizon.

Last but not least.. Pulled out the Baby Nuke(aka Lil-Lil Nuke).
Decided to go for broke on an E9-6 .. This one was really impressive in the low light... I liked that 3sec burn... Thought we had lost this one for sure... About 1min later spotted it coming down on the other side of the road.. Water recovery in a large puddle.. No damage..

Gotta love those sunset launches.