3” Bad Boy Rocketry upscale Estes Yellow Jacket build thread.

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Oct 31, 2023
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@Bad Boy Rocketry teamed up with Terry Dancer at Sky Dancer to provide the tube cutting guide in the kit...AND Sky Dancer has a sled and bulkhead kit for the Yellow Jacket. Bought one up quick! (Contact Terry at [email protected]...he has sleds from 2.6 to 7.5")

Several things I really like about the AVBAY...
  1. Integrated charge wells.
  2. Tagged bulkheads for Main (M) and Drogue (D).
  3. Through the bulkhead holes for ematches (I like direct connection to altimeters). And Labeled for primary and backup.
  4. Holes for allthread AND for recovery eye attachments...with space on sled for the nuts!
  5. Integrated, contained battery holders for 2S lipos.
  6. Mounts for Featherweight Mag Switches (@Adrian A).
  7. Premade mounts for Stratologger CF and Blue Raven altimeters! Mount your altimeter once, and two screws to swap or use on another rocket.
SLICK! Terry thinks like me.

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As promised here: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/bad-boy-rocketry-rocks-just-sayin.186096/

@Bad Boy Rocketry 3" Upscale Estes Yellow Jacket kit in the house! May be a slow build thread, but next up.

4 CR, 38mm MMT (YIKES!!!!), fins, two tubes, NC, coupler, Kevlar, 1 page instructions and vinyl decals. Also includes a Sky Dancer 3D printed tube cutting guide. Super nice touch.

View attachment 645377
That is a GORGEOUS table!! Oh....and nice rocket too! :cool:
Going to attempt a few new techniques/process along with some tried and true techniques...
  1. Going to use Perfect Plastic Putty for tube spirals (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0076LAVFK). Recommended by @Mugs914!
  2. I had 1/8" ply fins warp with CWF. Going to try the Bondo Glazing putty that worked so well on the 4" Photon probe (Photon Probe Build).
  3. Tried and true JBWeld for retainer and fin to MMT, West Systems Six10 for filets.
  4. @Launch Lab Rocketry 38mm injected molded retainer.
  5. Ace has been my "go to" paint. The black, however sucks. Sticky and crackles with clear coat. I may bite the bullet and buy Tamiya.
More details as we progress!!!
Started down the build path. @Bad Boy Rocketry note! Nice chamfer on one end of the tube cutting guide to get the tube started in…

However on the other end there is almost an imperceptible ridge that makes moving the guide into position at 1” in from rear, almost impossible. Took the back side of a #11 blade to remove the ridge. Nice tight fit, and easily adjustable after removing ridge. I love this tube cutting guide...nice tight fit!


Might we worth adding the chamfer to both ends.
This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. While I don't need any additional rockets, I feel like a 3" Yellow Jacket needs me! ;)
  1. Ace has been my "go to" paint. The black, however sucks. Sticky and crackles with clear coat. I may bite the bullet and buy Tamiya.
More details as we progress!!!
Not cheap either, but Dupli-Color has treated me well. Use it alot on my builds. They have a nice Gloss Black and their 1K Clear Coat makes a rocket look like it was dipped in epoxy. Locally, it is $11 a can for the paint colors and $20 for the 1K Clear. I keep White, Black, Yellow, Red and Orange cans as they cover alot of my projects.

If you want to save some money, try the Rustoleum Lacquer paints. Seems like you can only get it in white and black. But it works well--unlike my luck with their regular paint line. Lacquer paints go on thin, flow really well and dry quickly. Most of them are "recoat anytime" as well.

I should add that I’ve had good luck with the ACE Store brand paint as well. And of course, Tamiya is good too.
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