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2x7.51-3.00 LOC Centering Rings

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That Darn College Student
Mar 18, 2012
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For sale, 2 new LOC precision sized centering rings, 1/4" thickness. Obtained from Ken at Performance Hobbies. (And YES, they are unused. ;) ) No holes or anything drilled in them.

Selling due to a change in plans on my L3 (changed to a 98mm instead of 75mm)

They were $11 each new, I'd like to get $20 shipped for them. Price is open. I have pics if you want them.

EDIT: See new offer ↓
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Edit. For $23 (price increase to cover shipping cost) you will get:

TWO LOC precision 1/4" 7.51"-75mm centering rings
THREE LOC Precision 1/4" 5.38"-3x38mm PML rings (straight line cluster).

That's 5 centering rings, enough for that cluster project you've been planning, for just $25 shipped to your door.

I'll take them, but certainly don't need them right away. Just keep them and bring them with you when you get here for Fall Semester (that is unless you need $$)!