2nd MPR first LARGE scale pics.

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Apr 8, 2004
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Alright Im almost done with this BIG bird.
measuring 10.5 ft from floor to tip of nose.
All fins are epoxied and mounted TTW.
Will be powered on a G-40
Weighs about 1.5 lbs. loaded...wish i could have made it lighter. might have to cram a G-80 in there.
The top section is pretty apparent as to what its deisgned from. (a phoenix!)
i just changed it up a bit.
The roc has Phoenix...Nike Herc...and some estes Guardian influences as far as design goes.

All thats left is to prime the top and then final paint and clear coat. Will post finished pics soon hopefully.

The top portion.
33" long
Bt-55 tubing. Standard estes Bt-55 nose cone.
basswood fins.
This is a pic of the "main" part the bottom.
Its constructed of two 3ft long 1mm thick mailing tubes weighing in at about
6 oz. a piece before const.

.20" thick basswood fins on this part. the long "runners" aren't mounted through the wall but they are going to have one heck of a time coming off during flight they are rock solid. the two bottom sets are TTW epoxied.
dunno what else to say about this part.
And the end we all love...yeah thats right the butt!
As posted before im cramin a G-40 in there. all thats left back here is some type of retention system.
dunno what else you wanna know about that...Questions? ask away!
Looks like an eye catcher for sure. Hows about a full pic?
sure will try to work on that full pic...its kinda dark outside and i can't get far enough away from it inside the house to get a "full" pic and still be able to really see anything but heres one i have right now.

The reason its laying down is because the transistion is still "work in progress"

From the butt end:
I love it! That thing is HUGE!

Now chop chop on the full picture! :D :D :p

haha, hopefully ill be able to get the trans done by friday ..hopefully. Then ill post final paint pics. :rolleyes:

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