2nd attempt Cert 1

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Jan 22, 2009
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This weekend was great at MudRock 2004
Achieve my cert 1 after my first attempt the parachute never deployed.
Used a HI TechH45 , it was a beuaftiful thing seeing that Red parachute deploy .
Still can't wipe my smile off !!!!

Picture tomm


Nice job man. Sounds like my level one adventure. It was a PML Tethys on a Pro38 H153. On the first flight, the chute came out, but the nosecone separated. :( Then it took me and my father about a half hour to find it. Luckily the club president had an extra H153 reload he was willing to sell. I fixed it onsite and flew it again for a perfect L1.

Now it's time to start thinking about L2 and L3:D
Congratulations:D :D :D

It was a great time up there wasn’t it. Did you see the vids in my other post “off to mudrock 11” in the coffe house. George W. did a great job of recording the Lev 3 attempt that did the “lake” dart:eek: :eek: (It is in the second sectionof his website when you scroll down).

I got my Level 1 there. I’m looking forward to the end of July for the next launch. I have got a PML intruder that I am trying to get finished and send up. Can’t wait to see pictures of your rocket.