29mm Hybrid Kits?

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Sep 9, 2004
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Does anyone make (or going to be making) kits for the new Sky Ripper 29mm hybrid motors that will be comming out next year?
You'd likely be in more luck if you scratch build, but I would think most any long 29mm kit with an electronics bay would do you just fine.

Is the 29/185 motor a "J"???
Definetly not a J, I believe the larger of the casings is a high G or baby H...
i think you need 22 or 23 inchs we were going to try one in our 3x scambler but we only had 21 inchs i did see one though
So I take it that the 185 is n/s, not lbs?

Originally posted by GL-P
So I take it that the 185 is n/s, not lbs?


Hybrids appear to use a slightly different numbering system when it comes to defining the thrust capabilities of their casings. The first number still indicated the diameter (29/38/54) but the second number is the volume in cc (cubic centimeters) of NO2 for the casing. So the casing you are referring to has a N02 volume of 185cc. It's not readily apparent (at least not an easy system to me) to determine the total thrust of a hybrid casing based on this numbering system. Perhaps someone else, like one of the hybrid vendors that post here, can comment further on that.

Hello Guys..

Lalligood is correct. The numbers after the / refer to CC's.

The three Sky Ripper 29mm motors with ABS have shown to be a mid G(29/75), Large G/Baby H(29/125), and H(29/185).

We have just sent motors to TMT for cert testing, and should be hearing back from them by the end of the year.

We will also be releasing a 38mm G motor for the PVC reloads. Same reload, nozzle and internals as the larger 38mm motors.

As for kits, I had talked to Barry from LOC about doing some kits for the motors earlier this summer and he seemed interested, but I haven't talked to him about it since.

Thanks for asking!

I am making out a Christmas list to give my wife, can I put this 29mm system on that list? Could she pre-order and put a gift certificate under the tree saying "paid in full just waiting on certs?"

I could get her to order the complete set of 29's and 2 sets of loads easy...
So I was looking for that 29mm kit to go with the Sky Ripper motors, and I believe I have come up with one I will be getting:

Years ago Matt Steel owned North Coast Rocketry before Estes did, and now he owns Phoenix Rocketry. Matt has put out only three kits, and I believe one of them is a carry over during the NCR days. Any ways, the kit I have in mind for the soon to be tested 29mm system will be the Phoenix Rocketry BH-2000.
53" long
2.7" dia
plywood fins thru the wall
w/ starpons
29mm w/ possible airstart capabilities!!

Discount Rocketry seems to be the only US distributer of this kit. It is a little pricey at $89.00, but it is a good looking rocket.

Photo courtesy of Petes Rockets across "the Big Pond"