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Jan 18, 2009
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Can anyone tell me if the forward and aft closures for the Aerotech 29mm high power RMS casings are interchangable? Specifically, could I use the closures from a Dr. Rocket 29/240 on an Aerotech 29/360 casing?

Yes they are. The same closures work on the 29/60,100,120,180,240,360. There is a seal disk that is required in the 360 loads and some 240 loads, I think. That said Dr. Rocket, Rouse Tech, and Aerotech brands of hardware are also interchangable as they are all essentially the same parts.
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Just make sure you have the new style aft closure. The Older style closure will not work with any 29/360 load since it uses a wider Nozzle.
Hmm... I forgot about that. I got two aft closures (one for use on the 180/240 and another for the 360) when I purchased my Dr. Rocket 29mm kit years ago because of the size differences... of course the larger openning works with all the cases.