26 Great years of Top Flight Recovery

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Jan 16, 2011
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After 26 years of being the owners of Top Flight Recovery Miki and Gary have sold the company. We wish to thank all our customers and dealers we have had from all over the world. If not for TFR we would have not met so many nice people. Miki and I feel we have turned over TFR to a very nice and enthusiastic couple, Preston & Sarah Nobile.

Gary& Miki Pletzer
Thanks for the great parachutes, and thanks to Preston + Sarah for keeping it alive.

@Gary- we'll still see you at Bong, right?
Congrats all around! Gary and Miki, you've built a great company with quality products and expert customer service. The Nobile family will be fantastic successors, I'm sure!
A big congratulations to all involved...
26 years is one heck of a run Gary,,
You and Miki certainly were doing something right, that's for sure..

And Preston and Sarah you have a wonderful start here..
All the best of luck.. You're going to do fantastic in this endeavor..
This is a wonderful new beginning for all involved..

Gary and Miki, you always went above and beyond great costumer service, thank you. Congratulations Preston and Sarah.
Congrats Gary and Miki on 26 years! I'm thrilled to have had the pleasure of flying your handiwork for 20+ of those years! You'll be missed, but the sale couldn't have been to a better couple!

Agreed on the sentiments; you went Above and Beyond! Thank you so much for all you've done, I sincerely hope you won't be strangers. Enjoyed the good times in the past and look forward to sharing more good times moving forward! :cool: