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2500+ Estes engines (mini-D) for sale with legal authority to ship via USPS ground

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the quick shipment! All the motors I ordered arrived in very good shape.

I want to chime in as this guy is a new member with few posts....and say that I bought some motors and everything was as advertised. Buy with confidence.
I also bought from him. Fortunately, it turned out I only live 5 miles from his place so I picked them up.

I can attest he has boxes and boxes of motors....
I also ordered from Ryan - all was exactly as described and shipped with all the necessary markings and paperwork. I may be back for some more....
Still have bunch of B6-4 bulk packs and quite a few booster packs. Good Christmas gifts!
If anyone is interested...I'll drop the minimum order to $50 + $10 for shipping. Thanks
Got my 12 bulk packs today for 288 motors! Should last quite a while... You can buy with confidence as others have said. Well packaged and delivered fast. Thanks Ryan!
Mind if I ask how you came to be in possession of so many? EDIT- read the header of the Google Sheet. No need to reply! I think I would Scrooge McDuck it, at least once, and lay down on a giant pile of motors...just because I could.
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I'm down to 183 motors total. See link and list below. $50 min order ($10 shipping) or $100 order (free shipping). I just did the math on what I have left, 183 motors for $354. I would let them all go for $250 including shipping.

Thanks again to everyone who bought some motors. I hope you've had some fun!

BrandEngineUnit packQtyPrice @
Estes / Cobra1/2A6-2 (18mm)3-pack1$5
Cobra D12-0 3-pack 1 $8
Willing to buy:

Aerotech D9-7w (one 3 pack)
Aerotech E11-3J (one 2 pack)
Aerotech R12-5J (one 2 pack)

Estes ½A6-2 (3 of 3 pack...3 separate packs of 3= 9 individual motors)

MRC C6-5 (2 of 3 pack= 6 motors).

If you add it up I would be happy to purchase VIA paypal. If you don't have these motors PM me and let's see how I might help you.

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