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Jan 30, 2009
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I started working on the Estes RENEGADE and was noticing most everyone had stayed with the 18mm - 18mm stock two-stage scheme. While this would be more desirable for my SMALL launching area, I wondered if my usual OVERBUILDING techniques would result in a HOG that would not fly!!;) I bought TWO RENEGADES...so I thought I would try to make a 24mm - 18mm modification.:eek: I guess a 24mm - 24mm would be lost for sure!:rolleyes:
Here is looking into booster with 24mm motor tube sustituted for 18mm. I enlarged the centering rings and used a 24mm motor thrust block at the rear of the tube. The 18mm sustainer motor will butt up against the 24mm booster motor.
Rear view showing 24mm and 18mm mounts and epoxy construction: 5min. fin attachment...30min. fin fillets....I will need 24mm for liftoff when I am finished!!!:p
Stages reassembled to check alignment....minus the large booster pods. I think I will seal and paint separately so I can seal and finish the fins with them out of the way...add the pods after the booster body is painted. I also added stand-off strips of extra styrene for the booster pods for clearance and better stage separation.:)
Front view looking from overhead at all-assembled unit (minus the large booster pods)...if all squared up, 8 fins should appear as 5 fins!!:D When finished I will probably add more nose weight than what came with kit to make up weight of 24mm motor and also do swing test!!!:confused: If anyone foresees potential problems, all comments are MOST welcome!!:)
That thing is awesome!!!!! Well done!!!

I was thinking about making that mod myself. I'm anxious to see how it comes out. Keep those updates coming!

I am interested in this mod as well... my thought was for a 24mm to 18mm conversion.

My only concern would be stability, so let us know how it swing tests/flies!!

Very nice!!! I can’t wait for the results! I just built this myself (18mm), about to paint it. I screwed up on the fin alignment (nice job on that, BTW!!!). Will it severely affect the flight if my fins are a little misaligned?
Hey Max, with the number of fins on this one, a little miss-alignment probably will not matter. I have some multi-stage models where the fins are purposely rotated out of alignment...actually to HELP with stability! I just sometimes am a stickler for precision!:( :( Good luck with yours!!! Are you going with the stock paint scheme? Some of the decals are black...don't see how that works with a BLACK body!!!:confused:
Originally posted by billEblurzz
Are you going with the stock paint scheme? Some of the decals are black...don't see how that works with a BLACK body!!!:confused:

Yeah I’m going with stock paint (I love it!!) I know what you mean about the black decals. On the package it looks like they painted the outside tip of the fins grey-ish and faded to black towards the body tube, thus, the black stripes show up on the grey. It’s cool looking, but I’m not going to try it. Don’t want to screw this one up, it’s also just not worth it to me. Actually, I think the more solid black this is, the cooler it will look. I am going to paint the pods silver like the package though.
I was confused what this thread was about from the title, as all the Renegade is already 24 mm ;)

livin' in the past....
Here are the fins "rubbed" and sanded with Elmer's Fill 'n' Finish., followed by one coat of sanding sealer, then sanded again. I added styrene "straps" to the "strap-on" boosters and also "nozzles" out of 18mm thrust blocks to match the main engine. These "straps" might look nice "chromed" against the black boosters and give more character to a mostly all-black rocket!:)
Try Trim Monokote for a chrome look. It works well on non-compound surfaces. (IE: It will not work on a nosecone...)

Here are the boosters butted up against the body. I still plan to finish and paint the boosters separately since the space btween the boosters and body and fins is really tight!:(
Overall shot: I also went to a 3/16 launch lug since this will be carrying greater weight!:eek: Next is priming everything with KILZ PRIMER....the best stuff there is!!! But not today...it is raining!!!:( :(
Those mods to the boosters are very cool ideas! Can’t wait to see pictures! It’s also practical because those boosters are way to tight against the body of the sustainer. Those straps look like they will make it stand off from the sustainer. I’m worried about the change in thickness with paint, the booster and sustainer might not even go together after I paint! If they do go together, I hope it’s not to tight for separation.:rolleyes: :mad:
originally posted bybillEblurzz

These "straps" might look nice "chromed" against the black boosters and give more character to a mostly all-black rocket!

If you want a "chromed" look use Bare Metal Foil!

It's a real thin adhesive backed metal foil that you can work around slight compound curves.

I covered a plastic P-51 Mustang completely with this stuff and all the detail showed through.
Originally posted by billEblurzz
I added styrene "straps" to the "strap-on" boosters and also "nozzles" out of 18mm thrust blocks to match the main engine. These "straps" might look nice "chromed" against the black boosters and give more character to a mostly all-black rocket!:)

Clever way to take care of that 'zero clearance' issue between the two sections. I had a heck of a time making little standoffs for mine - and it's still not really as nice as I would have liked.
It looks like a good solution - and I really think it will add some character, too! :cool: (Wish I'd thought of it)

The weather finally broke some and I went ahead with painting even though the humidity was not below 65%. Since I remembered for this project I was not using KRYLON I guessed that it would be okay to paint at this humidity. I went with a metallic Rustoleom -Black Knight Metallic.
Pic #3: The sky is overcast...so the metalflakes do not sparkle as much...I probably will go over with a clear coat Testors Lacquer to really pop out the metalflake.:)
1st stage unit: I added the booster pods after painting the 1st stage body and the booster pods separately because of the close clearances. The 1st stage separates very easily because of the stand-offs I added to the body. I am concerned about the WEIGHT of this stage unit....seems like it will come very HOT....damage seems likely....the weight of 24mm booster motor will only ADD to this....next I will begin swing tests to see how much nose weight will be needed. Want to try to get pictures of swing tests in ACTION!!!:eek: :eek:
Pic of both units: If the 1st stage comes in TOO HOT, I guess I will have a SINGLE-STAGE 18mm rocket that is VERY top heavy!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I guess this ends the second wave of quality kits from Estes, Enduring Freedom set being the last. THANKS ESTES!!!!:D :D Now bring on the X-PRIZES!!!!;) ;)
I loaded up the RENEGADE with a D12-0 in the booster, and a C6-5 in the sustainer to see where it might balance. I added 1 oz. of clay in the nose which is over twice the amount that comes in the kit. With chute the balance point was about in the middle of the location of the launch lug that was put in the stock position as to the instructions...so I guessed this was back to the original center of gravity. On a swing test, the rocket hunted for a position just past stable....so I believe it would be stable with the 1 oz. of weight. This gives an overall weight of about 10 oz. with both motors and chute....a D12 should be able to handle this? I added another 1/2 oz. of clay to the nose....the rocket then would swing stable nose first immediately when it began to swing. It is probably overstable with 1 1/2 oz. noseweight...but I wanted to try to take a shot in flight! I don't know if this has been done here before....maybe it's a first!!:eek: :eek: I could have zoomed closer and got a better shot....but it is SO HUMID outside that this has about made me sick!!!:( :(
Hey everyone, is there anyone who can run a program or estimate...assuming that everything works right...what kind of altitude this 24mm to 18mm RENEGADE will go? I am wondering if I should try this at my SMALL launch area. If it does not go too much over 1000', with no wind, I might get it back. Some stats are 10oz. overall weight with motors and both stages....5 1/2 oz. sustainer with motor. The motors would be 1st. stage D12-0....2nd. stage B6-4 or B6-6. If more information is needed, let me know. Thanks if anyone can help!:)
Just a thought, since you said in one of your first posts that you had bought 2 kits, but maybe you could cluster the booster on the second one. It looks to me like if you used a pair of 13mm A's in the booster pods, you might be able to squeeze a couple of small parachutes in them. If you use A3-4t's, the delay will allow for the longer burn of the core motor, and allow time for the booster to ignite the upper stage before the ejection charges go off.

That will save you the worry of the heavy booster falling like a rock and possibly getting damaged.