24mm reload for Falcon 9

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Oct 10, 2016
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Is it possible to use an Aerotech 24mm reload to fly the F9 or do I need special hardware or mounts already installed like a Aeropack Retainer?

Do they just slip in like the single use Estes?

Thanks for your help!
what does the kit have for motor retention? if it has a motor hook you can use that, provided you secure the hook from being 'bounced' open, a wrap or two of masking tape works (zip ties and wire ties also work). an AT 24/40 is a standard D engine size, as is the E20 single use, don't know if I would go any bigger than E18 E20 or an F12.
My son put in either a cti F51 or F70 in his and It stripped two of the fins off mid flight
Stick with the E reloads. I put an F something in mine and had the same result as Danh's son.

You could do full epoxy fillets, stuff an F in it and let us know how it goes...
F12 may not have enough oomph, F24 probably plenty, F35 or F39 might tear the wings off depending on your fin attachment.

That's just the AT 24mm F reloads, checkout thrustcurve.org for more options.
Some sort of fillet is totally needed (as stated above).
The stock fin attachment is only 1/4 (maybe 2/5ths) of the root edge.
Nytrunner. Yeah, it's just about 1/4th. I'll probably buy a second kit to experiment with since this one was a gift.
As soon as I get a chance to test it out, I'll post a build thread and launch results in the future. Thanks for the replies!
Just built the F9 in OR.
Anybody else showing a 39.7 ft/s off the rail on the Estes E9?
Isn't that bad?
The general rule of thumb is 50 ft/s for safe flight correct?
The Estes D12 is showing 52.9 ft/s
Aerotech E20 is showing 68.8 ft/s

I could go on... but you get the point.
Since SpaceX manufactures the kit and may not be familiar with model rockets, is it possible they overlooked the slow off the rail speed for the E9?
They even recommend an E9 on the box.

So... general opinions?
Is 39.7 ft/s too slow for off the rail?
Or is the 50 ft/s rule just a VERY safe margin I've always been taught?
30fps is usually the min for lpr and 40fps for Hpr so I would guess that you are safe enough :). a 24/60 RMS case fits into an E mount (same length as an Estes E9) BUT, weighs 28g more(F35). dunno why someone would want to use an F35 in this bird...sounds like a recipe for disaster to me :).
I'm thinking I'll stay out if the F range until I have another one if these kits built specifically for 'experimental' purposes.
If I do that, I will for sure do a build thread on it.
I got excited and built this one without a single picture taken. :-(
.....Doh, that totally was you taking about the F9's wimpy fins.
That's what I get for answering questions without carefully looking at the post author.

Even if composites are "inadvisable" for the Falcon, video record of any such attempts are HIghly advisable :cool:
You can bet your next paycheck on it !
Definitely won't be launching for a while.
May to June for sure though.
It can fit E9's so I don't know how that compares to the 24/60 case
The 24/60 case is the same length as an E9 but you have to have space for the forward closure to fit through the thrust ring and motor hook. On Estes kits that usually requires filing the hook down a little on the thrust ring end.
Good to know. I'll keep that in mind.
Otherwise, if I get another kit that I can build much more tough I'll leave the hook off and do friction fit.
IMHO a nice e-28 would be the cats meow! Quick of the pad, short burn. Easy to see and recover. An e-18 might be nice also, but the e-28 for sure!

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