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Sep 22, 2012
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I reamed out enough plastic in the nozzle end to replace the included 18mm engine tube with the the engine tube that came with my factory-made Estes "E and D engine mount kit". I am not at my home pc (ahem), so I do not have any measurements to provide, but I believe the tubes are not the same length. What I am wondering is what the length of the new tube should be. I have read with interest stevem's (and other's) 'Outlander mod' threads, but could not find this info.
Does it even make a difference? Can anybody help?


I built mine as a 24mm version. The only thing I changed, was the motor mount diameter, and launch lug. I cut the mmt tube the same length as the original, enlarged the centering ring holes, and finished assembly as normal. Then, where the launch rod slides through the top, I enlarged the holes a bit, and upgraded to a 3/16 lug. It has made two beautiful flights so far, both on Estes E9-4's.
That answers my question. Turns out that the mmt that came with the model is 5" long - and the one in my 'Estes Engine Mount Kit for "D" & "E" engines' is only 4" long. So I need to round up another tube and cut it to length.

Thanks for the reply!