24mm mod OUTLANDER flight

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Jan 30, 2009
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SWING TESTS...do YOU!!!...Yea, I guess I am beginning to swing test EVERYTHING!!!:confused: It seems most of my projects lately involve some mods...so I just have to see what happens. I filled the nose cavity with clay and embedded 1 metal washer to get a balance point here so a swing test would be easier!:rolleyes: It was so stabile, it would point forward before one complete revolution!:eek:
This brought the all-up weight with motor (D12-3) to about 10oz.!:eek: I sure would need at least D power now....at least it should be pretty stable!:rolleyes:
After I got out to the field, I realized I must have left my DOG BARF at home!:( I have come to rely on this....I never had much success with just Estes wadding!!!:( WHAT TO DO??? I guess I will try to launch with just the wadding....it is about to get late....about 7:00pm.:confused:
Recovery on a 24" nylon chute back through remnents of HURRICANE FRANCES!....The descent was a little rapid....good thing for those springy landing legs! The flight was straight up and slow....just not very high! At least you get to see the lander all through the flight!....most of the excitement I guess was in the actual construction!;)
Glad it went well, thanks for the report. You must have built it strong to survive a hurricane ;)