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Dennis Fox

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Feb 1, 2009
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Hey everyone. Just a quick question. I am building the Estes Patriot (2056) and have upgraded it to a 24mm engine mount. I probably won't fly it with anything other than a D, but just wondering if anyone else has done it and if so how much nose weight to add, and/or where should the CG be?

Before anyone asks I don't have Rocksim and probably won't get it until I get rid of this boat anchor of a computer.

I'd put in .75-1 ounce worth of weight up in the nose cone. Rocksim says that .75 will give you a margin of about 1.8. The CP is about 15.75 inches from the tip of the nose cone, and you can add weight until you get your desired number of calibers.
That reminds me. I should probably get started again on my Patriot. Beefed it up a bit for use with composites instead of black powder. It's been sitting in sanded primer for a year now. I need to paint more.:rolleyes:

By the way, welcome to TRF! I just noticed that these were your first two posts.
Thanks Josh. Actually I joined back before the crash and just now got around to re-upping.

And yeah, the Patriot is a neat rocket. Haven't ventured into HP yet but I was eyeing the larger ones that Apogee and PML sell. Then I saw this one at the hobby shop and said what the heck. Couldn't build it stock though. It was just begging for a 2mm engine mount.:)

Thanks again for the info.

Oops, sorry, fat fingered that one. Should have been "24mm engine mount". A 2mm engine mount wouldn't do much.

I did the same 24mm upgrade to my Patriot. I have flowen the rocket on Estes C-11 and D-12's and on Aerotech's E-15 and E-30. The Estes E-9 was a little slower of the pad but still managed to do OK. For me the rocket flies great with the upgraded MM and I did't need to add nose weght. I also upgraded to a 10"Top Flight X-form parachute and a 48" of 1/16 kevlar shock cord.

Andy Hansom
I have a 24mm Patriot too. Hasen't yet flown though! (no time, or too much wind!)

I haven't added any nose weight, but I should also point out that mine is mainly 'scratch', as I used only the fins from the kit. I used 2 pieces of BT (from the 'scrap bin'), and came out about 1" longer than the standard 'kit'.
I picked up one of those too, with the intension of using it to test some altimeters. Thanks to the 3-piece BT design, it should be easy enough to make the middle section into an ebay- it already comes with 2 couplers.
I haven't built it yet as i haven't decided whether to give it a 24mm MMT, or really go nuts and make it 29mm. :eek:
Hmm... 24mm would give me good excuse to go out and get the new RMS42-60 and some F35's for it..:D

Has anyone done a rocksim file for it? It would be fun to try some sims, but i'm too lazy to do one from scratch!:eek:
Hey Bob, thanks for the EMRR link. I looked there but didn't find that. That engine mount looks just like mine except I cut 1/16" plywood centering rings and I tied my Kevlar around the motor tube. I'll let you know when I launch it and maybe you can get a decent pic of it.