24/40 Rms @ Rol

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Dec 10, 2010
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Rocketry Online just started a bunch of 24\40 auctions in the Motors and hardware section

Aerotech 24/40 RMS Complete w/(3)D15-4T $26.00 8 05/15 21:53
Aerotech 24/40 RMS D15-4T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS D15-4T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS D15-7T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS D15-7T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS E28-7T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS E18-4T and E18-7T
Aerotech 24/40 RMS F39-6T

I am after my level I cert so I have to dump cash that direction. It seemed like a shame to not let it be known
;) though.
I may be misunderstanding this...

You plan to do your L1 with a 24/40? Those things can't even take a G load.
No, he means that his money is tied up in his Level 1 project so he can't buy the 24/40 stuff. He's letting everyone else know about it cause he's a nice guy. :D
Correct Mark, I have been getting all my ground support stuff for hybrid motors. It's quite the cash drain to start, but it will balance out in the end though.

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