2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree Call for Volunteers

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Jan 21, 2009
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July 26 – Aug 4, 2010 – Fort A.P. Hill. Virgina

Greetings Fellow Forum members

My name is Dan Bihary. I represent an organization called NARScouts. Our educational arm is called “Constellation One”. We are dedicated to teaching rocketry and space sciences to youth. Our group has been together for at least ten years.

In 2005, we were responsible for the teaching of the Boy Scout Space Exploration Merit Badge at the National Jamboree. We had several thousand youth go through our displays. The boy’s constructed about 3,000 Estes rockets. Over 400 completed the merit badge on site.

In 2010, the Boy Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Obviously, the jamboree will be huge. Our group will again be responsible for the Space Exploration Merit Badge.

At this time, we are seeking additional staff to help us present the best program possible. I am very aware that many members here are extremely qualified to teach the required subjects. In fact, I’m sure many here probably already do teach this merit badge.

If you are or have been a Scout leader, you are probably aware that this isn’t a free program! Yes, we have to pay to volunteer! That said, the experience is amazing. I’m sure this year’s will be more so. A quick estimate is $50 per day staying off site, or around $750 for the whole event including room/board and long days talking rockets!

I invite you to email me or call if you are remotely interested. I will try to get more details a little later.

Dan Bihary
dbihary at hotma il .com
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Guess I should have provided a little more detail. This years Jambo is again on a Blackhawk base.

I've been told I am welcome to fly the rockets, as long as I cover the estimated $1mill rebuild if I put a chute thru the blades of a chopper!

Needless to say, we don't fly......
NAR section insurance is $2 Million.

I've launched at that location. Back in the late 1970's at an ECRM NAR regional meet. IIRC, it was on a drop zone (I don't think it was a "bombing range").