2009 Level 3 Certifications

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Jan 19, 2009
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We hope everyone that has or will attempted a Level 3 Certification will be successful this year.

We would also like to ask that you take the time to document it in a way that can be used on EMRR. We presently have 31 Level 3 Cert Articles (mostly Modifications or Scratch) and would love to grow that to have a nice archive or your experience for others to learn from.

Here are the present Level 3 Articles.

If you already have a webpage, we'd be happy to extract the review article from that page (with your permission). Just send me a message with the link or leave the link on this page.

Thanks, in advance.
Yes...please do this. Certification articles are quite handy to those that are thinking about the next level of certification. This is a great way to "pay it forward" to the rocket community.