20 foot+ "Patriot Missile" Model Rocket Launch Video

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Jan 7, 2010
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Here is a video I thought you'd all enjoy.
It shows the construction of and launching of a 20 foot+ tall rocket made on the fly. It's pretty good entertainment for those in the hobby. I recorded it along with 3 other folks and edited it recently.

Feel free to comment, I can handle abuse. I have other videos that I'll be posting of other rockets and detonations.


That was pretty cool ,too bad the chute did not deploy......that thing could have flown again on something with a little more gaz ( J-k )

Nice one ,I approve !

You were right!!!!!
I enjoyed it.
I liked it.
And who said you have to over engineer a large rocket :)
When the duct tape came out, I got a good chuckle.

Did the glue even get a chance to dry?

And the "facility" it was built in didn't look too much more solid than the rocket.

It looked like it was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to more gonzo rocketry vids.
I didn't even see where they put a chute in it...

Perhaps the whole point of the flight was the nice crash at the end? :cyclops:
The chute was in the tail and did deploy....but it was flopped out on the ground next to the rocket after it landed. I had to edit it out to keep people's names out of the video. I think you can hear the charge go off for the chute in the 1st camera view on the way down.

The glue didn't get a chance to dry and the day was getting shorter so out came the duct tape.

It got the name "Patriot" due to that was what was on people's minds back in 1991 when I filmed it. Better than SCUD, lol.

It never did fly again.

Glad you guys found it entertaining.
Hmmm....was not too sure if the chute popped or not,still sad it won`t fly again.You really need to contact the makers of Duc Tape (trade mark reg.) and show them the vid.
Also contact the Smithsonian (Aviation & Space museum) and sell the remains to them...or at least donate it .:D
Kind of glad the glue did not set...the Duc tape shows a touch of class and adds to the saying..."blah blah blah ...is the mother of invention"

Again...loved it !!!!