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Originally posted by rocketfreak
Searching ebay I found this Hypertek 2 stage hybrid.

WOW!!!!!..... I have never seen a 2 stage hybrid....... I wonder how high the price will go up...... right now 02-28-04 9:45 am, no bids.........
This is a way late respone, but here goes...

I saw the same thing on ebay and posted a question on RMR about it. Got a few bites but nobody seemed to know anything about it. I had hoped somebody like Anthony Cesaroni would pipe up as he owns Hypetek, who supposedly made the 2 stage Hybrid. I checked with the local hybrid guys and they could not figure out how to stage it.

Keep in mind it was listed as a prototype.
nothing to do with the ebay motor, but out here at our Lucerne launches, we get to see all the new motors coming out of RATTworks, including lots of their tribrids. Anyways, Dave Griffith and the rest of the guys were saying that they are working on a way to allow someone to use their motors in sustainers. hopefully we will see more testing of this soon.:cool:
that looks really weird and I dont see how it was staged, even if you could hold the N20 in the sustianer motor, some of it would probably boil off and you would lose power (I would think) maybe this works differently I am not sure.

Is this certed?

the only 2 stage hybrid I have seen is with AT motors
It looks like it would be pretty cool, I have seen clustered hybrids but not staged.

Since the seller is in Florida I wonder in the seller is Kory Kline, does'nt he still live down that way?