2 Stage Baby Bertha SUCCESS!

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Jan 13, 2004
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I launched the 2 stage Baby Bertha today. It was beautiful! (I love it when a plan comes together)
Stage one lifted off the pad (C6-0) without any struggle what so ever.
eugenefl, you were right about it being a little draggy, then BAM! TURBO!
Stage one tumbled down perfect while stage two kept soaring nearly out of sight on a B6-4! Then returned on its streamer.

I regret to say there were no launch photos. :(
I didnt want to miss any part of the flight. I wanted to pay close attention to every detail, as this was an important flight for me.

I will make it up to you guys after I get some paint on it.:)

(Here is the same picture from the other thread)
Originally posted by nomopbo
eugenefl, you were right about it being a little draggy, then BAM! TURBO!

Cool! Glad to hear it went well. I think Nick of EMRR had designed a saucer or cone 1st stage rocket with a 2nd stage standard rocket. By design, it would do the whole drag then BOOM! flight. I suppose it makes for a more interesting flight when the staging characteristics are evident.

I bet the Stage 2 CiCi will be a cool 2-stager/glider!
I've been a bit obsessed with clusters lately but you have just inspired me to turn my attention to staging:D
Originally posted by Darian Rachal
Do you think a B6-6 might have given it a bit more altitude?

It might have made a difference. The rocket was so high, I couldn't really tell if ejection was early or not.
Never doubted it for a moment.
Outstanding! Congrats.

I know what you mean about not getting pics by not wanting to miss anything. I really lack in pics and videos cause usually I'm pushing the button on the launcher, and it's hard to launch, take pics, watch the flight and recovery by myself. I get my best pics at club launches, which seem really hard to get to this summer. :(

Gotta build that foot stomp launch controller one day. ;)