SOLD 2 Madcow Mombas

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Scotty Dog

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Mar 2, 2010
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20190318_161528.jpg I have 2 madcow Momba kits. Not technical complete kits. One has been started. Missing one 9x9 chute protector ,2- 1/4 lugs and no shock cords. I'm throwing in a 28 x 29 Madcow motor adapter and extra wood CRs. One of the chutes is a better chute than the one that comes with the kit. ( it looks heavier / thicker to me). Look at the pictures and ask any questions.
I think $ 85 + shipping is a fair price. paypal only. PM me if interested . Now guys, bear with me on this sale. Ive never sold a thing with paypal and not sure how long it takes for me to see payment and all that. PM me PLEASE with question and any hints/tips to this selling business. I'm gona go with first come first serve by the date and time on my PMs. Ill have other stuff going up for sale. Thanks.


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