2.66 Upscale Photon Disruptor

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Jan 18, 2009
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I have always wanted to do this project, even before I knew how. This has been inside my head for about 10+ years or so.Well, I have been working on this project for about a month and a half, that includes gathering all the info and parts as well as construction. I have been documenting it as I go, it's not CTulanko documentation, but I have taken many pictures. It is not completed, but I'm dying to share.

First off let me thank a few people. Forecheck for giving me the dimensions I needed as well as the inspiration (just see the USS Atlantis upscale thread in this forum). Astronboy/Excelsior Rocketry for AWESOME!! decals. Sandman for the "Nose Cone of Loveliness". BMS for the body tubes and cutom centering rings. If I forgot someone, I'll mention you as I go thru this thread/report. And thanx to this forum, with out which none of this would be possible.

OK. I just couldn't wait to get all the parts together to take a picture, so I began construction. The first picture is of the MMT. It is a 29mm tube, and RMS casing is the 29/40-120. This is what I plan on flying this bird with. It is also in there for scale.
I did have to sand the inside of the rings as I gave BMS the wrong info. It took all of 15 minutes maybe. There were 6 total rings I had ordered. You'll see as this goes along.

OK. Next picture, Different angle of the MMT
The next step was laying out where the lower body tube goes up in the upper tube and where to apply the rings for that. Sorry about the grainy pictures. If you look closely you'll see the dimensions marked on the tube.
After double checking the dimensions and calculations, I proceeded to cut the body tubes to the desired lenghts. You can see them next to my "cloned" original Photon Disruptor for scale. The smaller kit will be in another thread.
I have more pictures but I've got to go to work so I'll post more later.....
I decided that with the unusual fin design of this kit, I wanted to use 'TTW' (thru the wall) fins. Here is a picture of my primitive layout configuration. I used the template for fin placement and the mmt so I would know where the fins would need to be notched around the centering rings, and also where to start and stop the notches in the body tube. Here's the picture...
The cut outs from the centering rings for the upper body tube looked like they would make a great baffle. So I glued 2 of them together and drilled some holes. The one cool thing about this build is that I got use my drill, a table saw, and a chop saw. Cool!!
After the epoxy had dried on the mmt, I drilled a small hole in the top ring and tied some kevlar string to it and set it with some epoxy. Then I eppoxied the mmt tube into the lower body tube. I was not cheap with the epoxy. Here is a top view of the completed assembly.
Here is the rear view. I did learn one thing, and it wasn't until after I started working on my PML Matrix, I should have left the aft CR loose so I could apply epoxy fillets to the wings after they had been attached. Oh well, now I know for next time.
After epoxying the mmt tube into the lower BT, I next applied the outer centering rings. These are going to go up inside the upper BT. I spared no expense on using epoxy, which I will pay for later. This is the completed lower assembly next to the upper BT.
Next I applied the baffle. I did not have "Chore Boy" scouring pads on hand, so I lathered up one side of the baffle with epoxy. It was dripping off. I next epoxied the baffle into the lower BT and set aside to dry. The next day I had to break out my drill again(oh darn!). and drill thru the existing holes. Here's a completed picture of the assembly.
Next I epoxied the lower BT into the upper BT stopping where the bottom ring was flush with bottom of the upper BT.
While I was at it, I applied some of the extra epoxy to the kevlar cord for re-inforcement. I don't know if that will help, but it sounded good at the time. This is the completed assembly.
Sure looks to me like a quality build----have you figured out yet what you're going to use for fin material? Are you planning to use some plywood, or glass-reinforced heavy balsa?
And Sandman does excellent work, let's see a photo of his NC creation!
Hit the wrong button, sorry. Here's the completed assembly.

Thank you powderburner. Patience, I'm getting to that....
For fin material I was wanting to use 1/8" basswood, but Michael's didn't have any, so I grabbed 1/8" aircraft plywood from Midwest instead.
Originally posted by kelltym88
I should have left the aft CR loose so I could apply epoxy fillets to the wings after they had been attached.

You still have the option of drilling through the aft CR, just above and below where each fin tab will connect to the MMT. Then you can install the fins and you can still epoxy the internal joints by squirting some mixed epoxy through the holes. Finish up by plugging, sanding, and priming the holes in the CR and no one will ever know!
I'm getting tired, I keep hitting the wrong button.

After making copies of the fins and cutting them out, I took the materials to the shop and cut the fins on the table saw. After which I sanded down the rough edges. Oh yeah, I got use a 10" sanding disc to round the corners. Here are the fins cut out and ready for application.
Great idea, thanx, but too late. I'm getting to that.

First, I wanted to make sure that due to the unusual design of the fins that they would stay together and at 90' from each other. So I cut a slight dado in the outside fin creating a groove for the other fin ti fit into.
Here's one fin epoxied together. All the others of course done the same way.
Aaahhhhhh!!! The "Nose Cone of Lovliness". Sandman, you do AWESOME work!!! Thank you.
Now comes time to epoxy the fins to the body. I used 5 minute epoxy for this step because I wanted it to set fast so I wouldn't have to hold it or clamp it in place. I applied a good amount of epoxy in the slit all the way down, and after having already notched the fins to fit around the CR, stuck it on.
As you can see, epoxy was being used like ingniters at a club launch. Here's a shot with 2 fins attached.
Next up is a picture with nose attatched next to my Photon Disruptor 'clone' and the Disruptor II which I also plan on building and making 24mm. I'll have the whole family.

Because of my overdose of epoxy, I am paying the price now. Sanding is a b%@*h. That's where I am at at the moment, sanding and prepping for paint. I will continue to document as I go. Sorry to leave you hanging, but I've make it so you come back:D :D :D Stay tuned....
Way to go! Upscaling sure is fun!

Fantastic! Can't wait to see it painted!