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2/3 Scale IQSY Tomahawk, lots of extras!!

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Jun 2, 2013
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I built this rocket originally for my dad's level 3. It flew successfully on 75 and 98mm Ms 6 times. In college I decided to improve it by stretching the booster to accept a 6 grain N and build up the fins for a more scaled look. There are materials to complete the scale fin attachment bands too (pre-cut G10 patterns and flexible phenolic airframe). Comes with a new Aeropack 98mm retainer (I'm missing the screw closure but I may find it this weekend while I'm home).

Anyways I did not finish it but got it pretty close. There's several days worth of work left to do. It comes with almost everything except electronics and hardware.

This rocket is made from PML pre-fiberglassed tubing and the couplers are reinforced with one layer of 6oz kevlar and 6oz carbon fiber (Gates Brothers style).

The fins are .125 G10/balsa core with G10/spruce leading edges (beveled). Then glassed with 3 layers of 6oz fiberglass.

Avionics are built into 6"x12" coupler match drilled with the airframe for switches and screws to secure it.

It comes with parachutes Sky Angle Cert 3 XXL and a 48" single piece drogue. 1/2" tubular nylon shock cords with pre-sewn loops.

If you have questions please ask. It comes with extra components bulkplates/centering rings to rebuild the payload bay for more modern cameras (In 2003 we launched full size camcorders lol) and you get that payload as well (sans old ass camera).

Pickup only in Wilmette, IL

Let's start the price at $850.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555653.538124.jpg
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555670.867471.jpg
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555689.413136.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555698.374477.jpg
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555715.204912.jpg
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555732.094195.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555740.834081.jpg
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Additional Kevlar/carbon reinforced coupler
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555849.565449.jpg

New predrilled and insert mounted plywood bulkplates
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1502555893.611285.jpg