1st new post in the new cardrocket thread...

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Rocket Roll Time! Full on-Plan, Print, Prep, and Burn!!!! :D

Thanks Kevin, and TRF staff et-al;)


Ya beat me to it!

I actually have a build thread on the holiday bell that I just hadn't gotten around to posting yet.
Thank Pippen -- she's the one who made it happen.


Roger that!
Hard to see the inner macinations and workings from my little end of the net. :)

Thanks PIPPEN!

I'd like to see your build thread Jal. It helps me learn things about what works/doesn't work, and how some of my instructions are interpereted. ;)


Just found this... a card rocket forum..... holy cardstock batman.:jaw:

I'm in.

OK, let's get things started....

How the heck do you go about designing/laying out a cardstock design?
Help out the noob....
I'm going to be doing exactly that shortly. I'm collecting data on what programs/experience folks have, and then, Thursday (maybe) I'm going to make a short tutorial using 2 free programs, Metasequioa LE, and Pepepakura designer, to make a single layer tube, and nose cone rocket clone. I'm thinking of using the Estes Screamer as an example.

That's my current plan anyway...
Maybe some of the other experienced folk will show us all their style, in a tutorial??:D

I'm working on a Centuri Buck Rogers Starfighter at this moment, but if I don't get off this thing, Val's going re-arrange some of my anatomy:bangpan:
....so SEE YA!
oh great....

Over 200 rockets in the build queue, and now more options with card stock!

My wife is going to disown me :(

Eric - I had fun building your Christmas Bell rocket. It did not come out all that great (glue splotches on the outside). I'm thinking of trying again.

Really glad to see you excited and participating in this section. I love your stuff.