1st mid power scratch

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El Cheapo

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Jan 20, 2009
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I acquired a bunch of 2" mailing tubes for a club member. Unfortunately they don't fit any standard nose cones that anyone offers. Specs are 53" long, 2" diameter. It weights 17.50oz with recovery. I still need to finish the baffle for zipperless design this evening and plan on flying it tomorrow on either a G33-7 or G78-G. The nose section will be held in place (for now) with aluminum screws in case I need to add weight, for H and maybe I loads, until I can get a Rocsim file on it.

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Good Luck Tom did you get the plans and were they any help. Your rocket looks pretty nice. I would go with the G78 push that baby up.:wave:
Yes, I did but had already had the tube fins cut. I'm kind of saving the G-78 for a NCR Phantom 4000 I picked up, built, for $10. Can you believe that? Anyway, the fins have a slight warp to them so we'll see what the RSO says.

If the Phantom gets grounded then the Mojave Green it is. Otherwise it'll be the G33-7J or a G64 if I can find a different delay.

It was way too windy to even bother to go out today. I called a club member and they shut the range down early. It might be calm enough for the night launch now.
Flew great on a G33-7J. I love the longer burn and smoke of that motor. I'd guess it did 1000'. Maybe not, maybe more. It was up there a ways though. Recovery was perfect on a 27" chute with no damage. I didn't get any stills but did get video. I'll try and get it uploaded in the next couple of days.
Kewl!:cool: I like the G33..I still have a couple- I think...The G53 is a pretty good replacement