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Jan 18, 2009
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Well BAR history was made today with five successful flights. After a 30 year layoff ( Why did I wait so loooooong) ? Started out with the estes Quark straight up and outta sight recovered on football field barried 2" in turf no damage you gotta love that Krylon paint. Gnome on a 1/2A 4-T , then a Gudardian on a B6-4 ,
Baby Bertha was most impressive windcocked topped out at 400' est. followed by the #2 Sky Writer A8-3 wind condition on all flight were between 10-20mph so I was a little conservitive on motors selected. All in all a good day . What a Blast , hummmm
Just as I remember so long ago.
Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to the hobby!! There are many of us BAR's here. You've found the best place on the web to ask any questions, post any reports, and we love pics!! Glad to hear your first BAR launch was a success. Sounds like you're off to a good start, again :)
Welcome back. You realize that addiction sets in quite fast. We're here to help. ;)
Oh man, just wait 'til you get the craving to own one of the rockets you used to love as a kid. You're in for some trouble! Let me save you some time and point you to JimZ's site:


Have fun! BTW, WELCOME TO THE ROCKETRY FORUM! This place rocks!

There are quite a few BAR and rocketry veterans around here. They'd love to trade stories with you. Be sure and post some pictures. If you have some classic photos, scan those in and post 'em too!
Originally posted by johnnwwa
Well BAR history was made today with five successful flights. After a 30 year layoff ( Why did I wait so loooooong) ? Started out with the estes ..........I was a little conservitive on motors selected. All in all a good day . What a Blast , hummmm
Just as I remember so long ago.

Where have I heard this before? No doubt. Old memories + new money (that you didn't have((at least I didn't)) when you were a kid) + settled down= New and improved addiction! Wait to you see all the new stuff out there.

It's like rocket....EDEN!!!:D

....except everybody isn't naked...Thank god!:cool:

We are glad you have joined TRF, and are having fun with your model rockets again! Now that you have refreshed your memory of what black powder smells like, you should be hooked for good!

A lot of developments in model rocketry have happened since 30 yrs ago, like the rise of economical high-power motors (and the temporary set-back of the factory fire at Aerotech), the decline of the 'parts house' side of Estes' business, and the rise of many other small companies to fill that void. We have some fantastic new kit manufacturers (like FlisKits and Thrustline Aerospace) that people here on TRF will gladly recommend. Even Estes has shown promise over the past few years by releasing some new kits that are pretty good; they even include balsa fins and cardboard tubes that you have to use actual glue to assemble!

If you are looking around for what to buy next, try to hold off just a bit for the bulk of your purchases. The reason? Hobby Lobby puts their model rocket kits on half-price sale every couple of months, and another Hoblob sale should be coming up in a month or so.

Also, you can get a kit at 40% off by using the coupon from Michael's MJ Design (see your Sunday paper).
Thanks for the warm Welcome.
The Quark is close to one of the early rockets I had in 1974
the other one I had was the Alpha but today I have the one with plastic fins and NC. from Starter Set Alpha III. The 3rd . rocket that I had then was a 13mm two stage I think it was the Beta. I use to live in Orange County Ca. and would trek up to the high desert near 29 palms to launch. On a dry lake bed near Josaha Tree airport. any way I've been checkin out the net for 8 weeks . Yes Lots of new stuff, tons and have download fron JIMz site two estes oop that I plan to clone.
Der Red Max and Der V-3 Der you see a pattern here. LOL Will order decals from Tango Papa for both these projects.
Now I know you not going to believe this but the spark that got me started again was to do a small Church Youth Group on Model Rocketry say 12 kids well this will happen in late May this year. Pay IT Forward
So I figured I needed some rockets for the class room display oh say 5 or 6 . well hummmm we might need different types, sizes or maybe BIGGER ,Longer ,wider so my display fleet is at six but if you add three more Der Red Max , Der V-3 and Mean Machine well thats 9 now What about BG's or a fliskits ACME Spitfire oh what the heck maybe 20 would be better!!!! Well you see where this is going don't you . The rocket bug has bitten me BIG TIME!!!! Again
Thanks Again Will Take a few photos of my small fleet and post .
BAR John
(Shoot for the Moon and even if you don't make it you'll be with the Stars)
Yes I checked out Michael's they are 45 minutes away oh by the way my handle Johnnwwa NWWA is North West Washington State anyway Hobby Lobby I saw a few post on the place but most are located in East side or in the South but not in the Northwest do they sell over the net w/ that much discount ?

Welcome back to the hobby...sounds like you had a great time! Oh, and welcome to The Rocketry Forum...but pics man, we need pics!!! :)

As far as HL goes, the sale may be in store only, so try their website and check to see if this week's sale is in store only...that should tell you whether or notthey will mail order. If not, some of us have been known on occasion to "hook ya up" and get what you want, then mail it to ya...kind of our way to help the less fortunate.

Once again, Welcome and congrats on the comeback!

Welcome aboard the best, most informative and friendliest froum of folks on the Net!! If you have a question, these folks will find the answer.. Great place to just hangout and read:)

Don't know about Micheal's we have two or three in my local area but their are plenty of on-line discount sources for model supplies, parts motors and kits; especially for groups! just about all the model kit manufacturers do bulk packing of kits & motors. I've found Quest areospace education by far the least expensive when ordering 25 or more for the 11 -17 age Scout groups. Quest doesn't have its web page complete yet but you can send e-mails to the company president [email protected] or call 1 800-858-7302 great folks to work with. or Flis kits. also bulk packs though I have no experence with his bulk order stuff, the kits are all first rate.
Looking for parts? man the field has really opened up in the last few years, especially since Estes has downsized their offerings. Totally Tubular has stepped up with a complete line of 34" white paper traditional size body tubes .246" (6mm) to special order BT-101's 3.938" , coupling, rings, and all kinds of other Model rocket stuff. Other Great kits companies are A.S.P. Great kits with lots of parts offered, QCR a competition model kit small company, Pratt Hobbies, and tons of others..I think someone also mentioned jimz for old plans and there are several making Alps printed water slide decals tango papa, and jimz are two.
But ya gotta provide photos of your projects!:D
almost forgot to plug Quest Micro-Maxx models and motors, they are the other side. HPR Huge and expensive, Micro Maxx tiny and very inexpensive. motors are .31 n/sec. 1/4" dia x 1" long 20 to 200 feet for models ranging from 3.5grams to 16grams. Very Kewl, about a dozen kits out there at present, from ASP, QCR,Pratt and Artapplewhite, Flis kits has some Beautiful all paper UFO also. Heres a look at one of my scratch built Micro's a 3X downscale of the old Estes E.E.S Raven If your interested in Micros you can join our Yahoo group at https://group.yahoo.com/group/MicroMaxRockets/ in the files and photos sections there are tons of pic and at least 70+ Micro model plans:) These tiny 3" to 11" models are my current passion:D
Again Happy to welcome another BAR back to the Hobby
You came to the right place John, & welcome.
I too came back about a yr. ago after a 30 years away. Sure glad I did, & these guys have been an unbelievable source of help & encouragement.
Vance in AK.
OK. Please bear with the ignorance of a newbie.

I work at NASA and am quite accustomed to acronyms.

Help me out here, team.

What does "BAR" stand for?

Also, I have seen "LOL". What does this mean? Leaning On Lightpole? Load Of Lollypops? Little Ol' Lady? I give up.

Happy trails,
OK...quick acronym answers!

BAR = Born Again Rocketeer...that's you!

LOL Laughing out loud

ROFLMAO Rolling on floor laughing my A** Off or just LMAO

There are more.

Ron...a BIG welcome to you and we will try to help with the "nyms"...

BAR = Born Again Rocketeer...pretty much says it all, someone returning to the hobby after a long hyatus.

LOL = Laugh out Loud

Thanx. It's amazing what can happen if you let your mind wander just a little. Bitchen A** Rockets? :D

Fair skies and following winds,
well, of all the three letter acronyms i've ever heard, my favorite is from the IBM book of corporate acronyms (yes, there really *is* such a book)...


"Three Letter Acronym" - seriously folks, it's in there... :p

We all forgot one very important one!

TRF = The Rocketry Forum!

You can also access the info Powder is talking about by clicking on the glossary button (links to EMRR) right here at TRF. You'll find it at the top/right of the page.
Wow. A button right here on the TRF header. How long has that been there? I guess I have been looking right past it, never even saw it. Well I can blame it on old age, right?
I said it before and I'll say it again.

I've been surfing the internet ever since Al Gore invented it. I've been to, I'm sure, thousands of web sites.

This website is bordering on one of the best I've ever seen. I've never been to one where I've gotten so much help and information. Both from a "website" and "users" perspective. I'm not a webhead designer type, but I just can't imagine how it could get any better than right here.

I just hope I don't become a "BOR" :p and continue to do this "ad infinitum".

Fair skies and following winds,