1st Annual TRF Fantasy Football League

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Jan 27, 2009
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Yes, football AND rocketry. What could be better?

If anybody would like to play, it is using the free CBS Sports service.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football

Here are the league details:

League Name: TRF Fantasy Football League
League Type: Private
Draft Date: August 30, 2009, 7:00 PM ET
Draft Style: Live Draft

Your team name should be something rocketry-related. I am the Saturns. ;)

I have made it private so that only TRF members can signup. The password is: therocketryforum

Or you can PM me and I will send you an invite. This league only has 12 teams so sign up soon if you would like to play. The draft should only take 1-2 hours if everybody shows up to draft.

Hope you can join us, come play. :neener:
"Annual" implies reoccurring on a yearly basis. :p

So who won? :)
I don't recall... But I do remember that Swampworks
kicked my butt. Despite never touching his roster after the draft!
(he evacuated due to a hurricane and was offline until after the season)

Was enough for me to swear off fantasy games for years.... ;)

LOL! Well apparently you are not the only one. The response here has been... shall we say, underwhelming? :(

But it's still early yet. :D
Training camps open this week. Time to get ready to play....

Training camps open this week. Time to get ready to play....


Oh yeah, ITS FREE.

It won't cost you anything but 10 minutes out of your week and your pride when you lose to me. :bangbang:
Wow. Zero interest.

*flog, flog, flog*:gavel:

I'll keep it open for another week or two in case the HOF game this weekend sparks any interest before shutting it down so I can fill up my league limit elsewhere.

Wow. :bang:
Well I see why it never went past the 1st year. Oh well.

Shutdown. :confused2: