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1mm Rohacell Group Buy?

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Jan 30, 2016
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I'm going to be getting some Rohacell 31, 1mm thickness. Anybody interested in a group buy?

Alternately, I'm looking for a reliable and reputable supplier of small sizes ; and/or lower cost than ~$125/m^2 ; and/or suitable alternatives.
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What are you planning on making with 1 mm rohacell core? Really thin and light fins?
Why not skip the fiber glass core? Once CF applied it will be fairly stiff.

I did a set of fins with 1/16 balsa core with a layer of cf on each side. Worked well.
Fiberglass core is simply to know exactly where the midline is.

And yes, some cf-foam-cf ought to do very well as-is.

Be advised, I don't have any high expectations or theories going in. I just think it ought to make some very nice fins :-D