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Apr 12, 2009
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Hey everyone,

I havn't talked with ya'll in quite a while. Its great to be back online. My computer died and so no TRF for about 4 months!
Not much new rocketry wise with me, most of my time has been spent on marching band and school work. Now that band season is over its back to rockets!
After many years of waiting around it is finally happening....I'm turning 18! My parents couldn't be happier :rolleyes: . Just 6 more days (not including today cause its almost over). I'm not really expecting much, justing having a lot of friends over to hang out. But you know if you guys want to get me something...;)
Just curious, could someone a recap of stuff that went on in the wide world of rocketry while I was out of commission? Thanks. Best wishes to ya'll this season.

-Chris H.


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Apr 22, 2009
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Within the last four months the "Save Rocketry Now" campaign was started. The Discovery Channel aired a 3-hour special on nothing but ROCKETRY! Within the 3 hour shows, rocketeers and vendors alike donated in excess of $85k to have our very own commercial during the show. Viewers were then flashed the newly created rocket website located at https://www.flyrockets.com. Overall, the show has had a great impact on the hobby as many new rocketeers are coming out of the woodworks.

The TOUR DE DEUCE project kicked off on November 8. So far we've completed Florida and Virginia. This month is a big month as North/South Carolina and Hawaii will be completed. Be sure to check out the Tour de Deuce project page for pictures and flight reports. There's a link off of the www.fliskits.com homepage that you can click on.

FlisKits has prereleased the Tres, Long Overdue, and Flis Fleet 2003. If that isn't news, I don't know what is!

Welcome back. Be sure to get up to speed on building and posting pics. ;)

...and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! 18 is a LARGE and scary number! I hope you have a good one. Take care.

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