18mm Above Top Secret Ready For Flight Trials

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Jan 18, 2009
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I started this rocket back in early 2007 and stopped the project because I made the mistake of spraying two different types of paints and it "orange peeled" on me...

With soooo much time in my hands now I have decided to finish some of the rockets I have started.

Here is a downscale 18mm version of SteelyEyed's HP Above Top Secret rocket. The original thread on TRF 1.0 can be found here. SteelyEyed's new HP ATS thread is here. I call mine "The War Hog" (not to be confused with "Warthog"). SteelyEye call his "The Reaper". The decals were printed almost two years ago and do not look as I would want them to be today because I was new to printing on an ALPS printer then. But I had to do with what I have. After sanding most of the old paint off the rocket yesterday, I gave it a coat of gloss black enamel. And today I applied the decals, painted the inside of the jet tubes red, and applied two coats of Future to protect the decals. This is an untested design for me but the Rocksim file says it will fly well on a C6-5 an reaching a predicted altitude of over 700'. It weights 2.3 oz because of the modded nose cone, which itself is at 1.07 oz. Will fly it within the next two weekends and wil post pictures and comments on it. In the mean time enjoy the view!!!

- R_R



Thanks mjennings. The decal is custom designed, made by a graphic art's student friend of mine from Puerto Rico. I gave him a sketch of what I wanted and he came up with this. I have to remember to send him a picture of the rocket for his portfolio.
Nice! I really like the cockpit detail! You even have a PILOT in there!:eyepop: ;)
Thanks Pantherjon. I had an old A-10 plastic model laying around and I knew I would never build it. So I kept the cockpit parts and threw away the rest. I have a thread on how I modded the NC at TRF 1.0, the link is here if you want to read it.
The ATS flew this past weekend during Foose Fest III!!! Flew steady and straight on a B6-4... I would say about 300-400 feet. Very stable flight.





I didn't catch more of the flight cause I was sitting in the shade. :)

Thanks Kevin. It is awesome! I captured a few videos but my PC cannot handle them... but that is about to change soon because I ordered a Quad Core AMD PC... sorry, I am not into Apple yet...