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Sep 20, 2003
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Do any vendors have the 18/24/29 mm RMS hardware (compete set) in stock and ready to ship?

Give Red Arrow, Great Lakes, or Magnum a call, I believe they may have them in stock. They also turn up from time to time on ROL, and eBay auctions, but usually go for more than you could buy them from a vendor for.
I just checked, Great Lakes, and Red Arrow both appear to be out of them. Magnum's site doesn't update, so it might still be worth a call.
rsrocketry has all three sets, and are pretty reasonably priced. They don't list a phone number, but you can email them..........Larry
Thanks Y'all,

Larry, do you have an email address for RSRocketry?

I heard that it got a bit muddy on the way out.

Where to go when the soy beans are planted?
we fly at our year around flying field, the Old Hardin County Landfill site.... We have a 5K waiver there....look at the website for directions on how to get there.....

its a field we share with the local AMA club (they have a 500ft x 50 ft grassy runway there)....

dimensionally its sutiable for LARGER(heavier)GHI models depending on weather conditions as the field itself is long ( maybe 2 miles) but thin(maybe 1/4-3/8 mil wide)... so as long as the wind is in the long direction you are okay...say ssw to nne.....which is the prevailing winds here...

Also no mud at this site, its grass....