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18/20, 24/40 hardware buy/sell dealio thingy

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Jan 9, 2004
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Aerotech 18/20 24/40 29/40-120

I am looking into buying this whole set. Only thing is I don't need the 18/20 and 24/40 motors - but I was figuring other people here might want them. And if you buy the triple combo pack you get a better deal.

Anyone want the other two motors?

I would sell them like this.

18/20 for $30 plus shipping to you.
24/40 for $35 plus shipping to you.

Or I could do like this guy and make out like a bandit - I don't get those e-bay people.....


I guess I will take first come first serve, but I want to make sure I have them sold before I place the order.

Yea, it was, but by placing the price low you get a lot of bidders...I can't believe it is going for $90 - just for the 29/120 motor! Not the other two...

I'm interested in the triple combo. What vendor are you purchasing from? I can't seem to find any with the whole set in stock?

Red Arrow Hobby 99.95 (were out last week)
Performance Hobby 129.95

I just realized, I knew the price from memory, and who has them...I might just be a rocket maniac..rotflmao.
Ill take the 24MM case, if you get one/have one! Ive been looking for one for the longest time...:) Can you ship it in a mailing tube? ;):D
As of right now - I'm getting the set from Hangar 11.

Me - 29/40/120

Neil - 24mm

Anyone want the 18mm?

How much will shipping be?

I already have an 18MM case... I dont need another (well, maybe for clusters...:D Naw.... I cant afford it.:( )
No idea till I get them and send them

I'm guessing no more than $2-$3

Why dontcha just stick em in a rocket... Uhh... Never mind. Bad idea.:D

When do you think you will have them?:confused:
When I can find someone to buy the 18 mm...and then I will place an order and then everyone can paypal me the $$ once I get them for cost + shipping.

Cant do paypal...:( My parents wont use it.:( Can you take checks or MOs?
and if you can't make the deal work with neil, i'll take the 24 also.
how about 55 plus shipping for both?
Great! When should I send a check in the mail to you?:)
I am getting the sets Thursday. Those who bought them can e-mail me off chat with their address and I will send you a total w/shipping.

I got the sets UPS today. Tomorrow I will be shipping them out!

Dont you need my check, adress and all that stuff first?:confused:

Where should I send the $$? And who should I make the check out to?:confused: :rolleyes:
i used the little email button to send him my address...
Got it today!

My sister went to get the mail, and there was a little black round package... She said the adress sounded "rocket-ish":rolleyes: ;)

I was VERY confused... So she tossed it to me, and sure enough, its my case!:cool:

It arrived in exelent condition, with no scraches or anything. It will see action in a week or two!:cool:

Thank you VERY much!:D :) :) :)