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I built a 3" one from LOC parts. I downloaded the decals from JimZ's site and scaled them up with a copier. With a 54mm mount, it was stable on any motor I put in it, including the K160 that I lost it on. No nose weight is needed.
Looks great! I have a 2.2" nose cone that is dedicated to building an upscale groove tube...just have to get around to ordering some LOC tubing. Keep us posted on how the launch goes.
Rocsim says the CP is 15.0 inches from the rear. Right now with no motor the CG is about 18.0 inches from the rear. If I put in a 5 oz motor I'm sure I'll need to add an ounce or more to the nose.
I simulated mine with 6 fins the length and diameter of the tubes. This is conservative. The CP is one tube diameter in front of the front of the tube fins. (12" from the rear of the body tube on my 3" version.)
Arrow straight...nice flight. It looks HUGE in the launch photo.